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Brickyard Filmworks Brings Dixie’s Kids Cups to Life

Recently-launched integrated content studio Brickyard Filmworks has debuted new work for Dixie via agency WolfgangLA. Directed by Brickyard’s Benji Davidson and animated by Brickyard’s Anton Thallner, the campaign showcases Dixie’s new AR teeth brushing app for kids through two live action spots that incorporate whimsical animated characters and other elements seen both in the app and on Dixie’s paper kids cups.

The two spots, “Molar Monsters” and “Molar System,” show how the AR app helps kids brush their teeth for the full dentist-recommended amount of time, as different experiences offer them a fun and educational way to pass the time. “Molar Monsters” brings to life various creatures, each infused with distinct personality traits from character bios provided by Dixie, while “Molar System” illustrates various friendly planets and a spaceship. Davidson directed the live action, while Thallner brought the animated elements to life in Adobe After Effects using character rigging techniques to lend personality and the ability to merge into the live action scenes. From concepting through delivery, the Brickyard Filmworks team worked on the project for four weeks.

“It was really fun to get inside a kid’s imagination and illustrate different stories that they might be thinking about while they’re using the Dixie app,” said Thallner. “The worlds inside the app are well thought out, so each character already had names and backstories which was helpful in bringing them to life and making it a real story rather than just an illustration.”

Davidson added: “Everyone from Brickyard wore many hats on this project, and it was a really nice collaboration with the team at Wolfgang. The kids were great to work with and had wonderful attitudes despite being crowded with the crew into a tiny, functional bathroom all day!”

To view the spots, visit:

Molar System:

Molar Monsters:

About Brickyard Filmworks

Brickyard Filmworks is a streamlined content creation studio that strips away the nonessential layers and allows clients to work directly with creators. Tapping relationships that span the globe, Brickyard Filmworks boasts a world-class roster of award-winning directors, creative directors, designers, and technologists. No matter your creative vision, we can assemble a tactical team to bring it to life on any platform.

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Dixie Cups “Molar Monsters” and “Molar System”

Client: Dixie

Agency: Wolfgang LA

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Colin Jeffrey

Creative Director: Ross Cavin

Senior Producer: Andy Rosenthal

Art Director: Henry Hsu

Production Company: Brickyard Filmworks

Director: Benji Davidson

Managing Director: Steve Michaels

DP: Emerson Boergadine

Editor: Mike Hackett

Post: Brickyard VFX

VFX Artist: Benji Davidson

Motion Graphics Artist: Anton Thallner

Producer: Britney Frandsen