Brazil’s SPIRIT Animation Relies on Shotgun Software for “KARL”

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Brazilian animation and VFX studio SPIRIT Animation relies on Shotgun Software for production management and asset tracking on the Disney XD animated series “KARL.” Created by SPIRIT Animation Chief Creative Officer Fernando Macedo, and produced by SPIRIT Animation, “KARL” airs throughout Latin America as well as select markets in Africa and Europe.

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“KARL,” which recently wrapped its first season, aims to educate children about healthy eating habits. The show follows a young boy, Jonny, and health-conscious hero Karl, who lives in Jonny’s mind and battles his unhealthy temptations. Season one had a total of 52 episodes, with about 49 scenes per episode and over 60 characters throughout. SPIRIT Animation utilized Shotgun to keep track of all assets as they progressed through the art department, modeling, textures, rigging, animation, and post.

“I love to quickly see who’s working on what shot, and to easily find out all the info about that shot such as frames, description, and status,” said Macedo. “Shotgun makes it easy to see the evolution of the show, to see what’s ahead of and what’s behind schedule, and to review and give notes on shots from anywhere in the world.”

SPIRIT Animation is currently in production on season two of “KARL,” with about twenty artists and production staff using Shotgun to manage the show. Macedo concluded, “Time is money. When things go wrong and need to be redone, it can put us behind schedule and over budget, so we need to make sure our pipeline is efficient. Shotgun is a big part of making sure our pipeline works well and stays agile for any production.”

About Shotgun

Shotgun Software, an Autodesk company, builds secure, scalable software for production tracking, review, and asset management. More than 600 creative companies rely on the Shotgun platform, which now includes the RV image/movie player, to provide essential business tools for managers and visual collaboration tools for artists and supervisors, often working globally with distributed teams. Studios of all sizes including DreamWorks, Framestore, Blizzard, Microsoft, Walt Disney, Double Negative and Ubisoft have adopted Shotgun’s customizable system and contribute to the ongoing development of its growing ecosystem of applications.


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