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BOXX Technologies Releases Breakthrough Production and Post Production Solution for Digital Film Shot with RED ONEâ„¢ Camera

redBOXX Enables Real-Time Review of RED ONE Footage at 2K Resolution

Austin, Texas —April 8, 2008 — BOXX Technologies Inc., an innovator in high-performance computing systems for visual effects (VFX) professionals, today released redBOXX, the first ever solution that allows film directors, colorists and effects experts to view 4K footage shot with the RED ONE digital cinema camera at full quality 2K resolution in real time with full debayering, without having to use expensive and time consuming scanning and transcoding.

redBOXX is based on a specially engineered version of the 3DBOXX Workstation and includes ASSIMILATE’s™ new SCRATCH® CINE® software package for Digital Intermediate work. redBOXX is designed to work only with REDCODE™ .R3D files.

For the first time ever, digital film in full quality 2k resolution can be played back in real time straight from a Compact Flash™ memory module or a hard drive over a Firewire™ connection directly from the camera into the redBOXX. redBOXX also has the power to perform color-grading in real-time with SCRATCH CINE and even apply a vignette while maintaining 24 frames per second play-out. The redBOXX also doubles as a virtual telecine as it converts the RED ONE’s .R3D format into DPX or TIFF at a time-saving ratio of 10:1 for 4K to 2K DPX.

The redBOXX is a critical innovation that completes the puzzle of modern digital workflows by allowing filmmakers to create highly polished results faster, easier and at lower cost than current standard Digital Intermediate (DI) technology can offer.

“With the redBOXX, BOXX Technologies is proud to enable new avenues of creativity for film and broadcast production and post production professionals. It is incredible rewarding to be part of a movement that is making sophisticated digital film tools available to a much greater number of talented directors and film makers,� said Francois Wolf, director of marketing for BOXX Technologies.

SCRATCH CINE,the Virtual Telecine for Projects Shot on a RED ONEâ„¢ Digital 4K Camera, is designed to work exclusively with.R3D files. It enables common tasks historically done on very expensive telecine systems like: tape-based dailies, one-light color grading, color and shot management or even initial .R3D conforming, all designed specifically for the RED image format.*

The redBOXX is based on a unique dual-socket Intel architecture powered by two, quad-core processors, for a total of eight cores and represents a prime example of BOXX’s unique approach to system design. The two CPUs are specifically tuned and optimized by BOXX Labs to work flawlessly with data from the RED ONE camera using ASSIMILATE SCRATCH CINE. BOXX Labs has also carefully matched the performance level required to handle RED ONE data with a special cooling solution to create a stable and quiet digital film workstation.

Early Users Of RedBOXX Have Been Enthusiastic About Its Performance:

“Everyone who has seen the redBOXX in action was blown away! Before, we could not view 2K footage in real time at full quality. Now, we can not only can we review 4K data from the RED ONE camera at 2K, at 24 fps without dropping a frame, but we can also perform color grading on the fly, and add a vignette to boot,� said Mark Pederson, co-founder of Offhollywood Pictures.

“We are extremely excited by what the redBOXX allows us to do and we have subjected it to heavy use right from the start. It is a one-of-a-kind machine that really hits the sweet spot for digital film production. It loves 4K files and handles them at 24 fps without a problem,� said Michael Cioni, digital intermediate supervisor at PlasterCITY Digital Post.

About BOXX Technologies Inc.

BOXX® Technologies Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance workstations and render nodes specifically designed to meet the high-performance and reliability requirements of digital content creators working in the 3D, animation, visual effects, digital film, architecture, game development and broadcast markets. BOXX’s rapid integration of cutting-edge computing technologies selected and optimized to deliver the best possible performance when running digital content creation (DCC) applications is reflected in its extensive line of uniquely featured and highly customizable systems, including BOXX APEXX®, 3DBOXX™ and 3DBOXX RTX workstations, and renderBOXX™ render nodes. For more information on BOXX Technologies Inc., visit the BOXX website at


*For more information on SCRATCH CINE please visit


Media Contact:
Julie Swartzlander
Scout Marketing Group

BOXX Contact:
Francois Wolf
Director of Marketing
5122-835-0400 x316