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Boxer’s Jim Zoolalian Directs “Hot� Campaign for Arizona Public Service

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LOS ANGELES—Jim Zoolalian of Boxer Films has directed a spot for the Arizona Public Service that uses the predictable life of an Arizona weatherman to promote the construction of one of the world’s largest solar power generating plants. Conceived by Los Angeles agency DDB, the spot presents a dozen or so clips of a TV weatherman delivering the forecast for the state of Arizona. The message is invariably the same, “sunny and hot,� although the always cheerful forecaster finds a plethora of ways to put it into words: “Sunny, sunny and hot.� “Man, it is a scorcher!� “Crispy…toasty…inferno.� At one point, he laments, “Isn’t this yesterday’s forecast?� Graphics refer to the construction by APS of a solar power generating plant named Solana, leading to the tagline, “Arizona is sunny…let’s take advantage of it.� The spot was conceived, produced and put on the air in incredibly rapid order. One day after Zoolalian first met with the agency’s team, he was in a casting session and the next day he was shooting. The spot was broadcast less than a week later.

“One of the great things about working so quickly is there is more freedom to let things evolve,� Zoolalian observed. “You literally see things incubate in the casting session and on the set…and everyone is on board with making the spot as good as it can be.� One idea that emerged during the production was to portray a series of daily forecasts. Initially, it was intended to show just one. The change made the spot funnier as the weatherman struggles to find ways to give a new spin to the same old line. Many of the best moments were dreamed up by the agency creatives in collaboration with Zoolalian and the actor on the set. Zoolalian said that the spot is funny because it is so believable. “It’s as if you had accidentally flipped to the Weather Channel,� he said. “The performance had to be honest and genuine, and capture a guy with a confident swagger caught in a ludicrous situation.� Boxer Films is located at 3453 S. La Cienega Blvd., Bldg. B, Los Angeles, CA 90016. For more information, call (310) 559-8333 or visit

. CREDITS: Title: Always Sunny Client: APS (Arizona Public Service Co.) Product: Solana Generating Station (solar energy) Agency: DDB/LA Director: Jim Zoolalian, Boxer Films Production Co: Boxer Films, Los Angeles DP: Steve Kenneston Motion Graphics: Javier Cortes Editorial: Boxer Films, Los Angeles Editor: Pedram Torbati Producer: Ben Guzman



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