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Bones Dailies and Spirit 2K – Dream Team at Mega Playground, New York

Digital Film Technology provides non-linear Dailies solution that allows Mega Playground to move away from cumbersome traditional Dailies workflow

Weiterstadt, Germany – February 9, 2009
Digital Film Technology (DFT), provider of high-end post production solutions announced today that their Bones Dailies post production workflow solution is providing Mega Playground, a premiere New York City post production and DI facility, with a brand new non-linear approach to controlling and delivering Dailies.

Bones Dailies is part of the Bones Linux-based post production software solution that when teamed with the Spirit family of Film Scanners and DataCines, provides a complete Dailies solution. Bones’ modular architecture gives you the ability to create workflows specifically tailored to your project needs and budget.

Bones Dailies is a turnkey, scalable software solution that manages the entire Dailies production process, from ingest (30 fps – 25% faster than real-time) to the creation of a color-graded Dailies master. It features a template-driven process for image and audio ingest, audio syncing, ASC CDL based primary, and secondary color-correction. Whether you are working in SD, HD, or 2K material, ingesting content from the Spirit, or other devices such as video tape machines, or digital files (e.g. from digital acquisition cameras), Bones Dailies offers a non-linear approach that dramatically increases the efficiency of the entire Dailies process.

Mega Playground’s goal was to establish a completely new digital Dailies workflow during a major upgrade of their downtown NYC facility. With the installation of a Spirit 2K scanner and two Bones Dailies systems, they have successfully enhanced their services by creating deliverables that have never before been possible. The Bones Dailies powerhouse enhances the efficiency of the Spirit 2K, saves time and eliminates mundane tasks, automates a variety of processes, and improves the image quality of the Dailies material being viewed by clients.

“The way the Bones Dailies software subdivides tasks so multiple users can work in parallel has allowed us to increase our Dailies capacity and make more efficient use of our scanner and colorists,� states Terry Brown, Mega Playground CTO. “We are able to playout the color-corrected, sound synchronized, fully logged Dailies to multiple file formats, all while transferring the next Lab Roll. Bones truly is the future of Dailies.�

Mega Playground has used Bones Dailies for feature films including; In Northwood, Last Night, Solitary Man, and Paper Man.

The Mega Playground Bones Dailies system is connected to a high performance SAN, which helps increase efficiency for the concurrent Dailies processes. The Bones Dailies workflow is divided into five processes; audio ingest and logging, video ingest and logging, automatic sound syncing, color grading, and playout.

“One big advantage of Bones Dailies is the image quality,� comments Morris Lindenkreuz, DFT product manager for Bones. “Bones Dailies is able to record logarithmic HD or 2K RGB 10-bit 4:4:4 images directly to hard disk, therefore any playout from Bones is at the same high quality as what originally came off the Spirit DataCine.�

“Mega Playground is a forward thinking, technically advanced facility and we are pleased that Bones Dailies has enabled them to work more productively against tight deadlines,� comments Stefan Kramper, DFT Managing Director. “We look forward to working with them as we continue to evolve the Bones Dailies solution.�

About Bones Dailies

Bones Dailies is a Linux-based software platform designed to significantly enhance the throughput of your current dailies solution. It is a turnkey, scalable system that manages the entire Dailies production process in a non-linear fashion, from ingest to the creation of a color-graded dailies master. Bones controls the entire line of Spirit and Shadow Telecines and DataCines, and features a template-driven process for image and audio ingest, audio syncing, primary and secondary color-correction and playout. Automatic audio slate detection and other helpful tools speed up the sync process significantly. Whichever way you want to work, Bones Dailies adds a high level of flexibility, efficiency and offers the ultimate picture quality to your Dailies deliverables.

About Mega Playground

Mega Playground is located in the heart of the thriving West Village – New York City independent film community. In addition to a full range of high definition post production, Avid offline / conforming and online DI’s, Color Correction, Telecine and Dub services, video streaming, and screening room facilities, Mega Playground also provides turnkey production offices for independent feature film, broadcast and reality TV production companies. For more information please visit:

About Digital Film Technology

Digital Film Technology Weiterstadt GmbH (DFT) provides high-end post production solutions for a variety of commercial media, film and content markets including; film studios, broadcast operations, and post production facilities.

DFT products include the Spirit family of film scanners, Shadow Telecine, Scream grain reducer, LUTher color calibration tool, and the Bones digital intermediate (DI) workflow solution.

The entire DFT team is highly regarded within the industry and is dedicated to uncompromised product and technology development, as well as superior sales and support services. Digital Film Technology is headquartered in Weiterstadt, Germany and has regional offices in London, Sydney, Bangkok, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. DFT is independently owned by PARTER Capital Group, a Frankfurt, Germany private equity investment group. For more information please visit: