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LOS ANGELES and SANTA ANA, Calif., December 17, 2007 – Bonded Services, a world leader in media management as well as film and video format storage, and Teresis Media Management, Inc., the developer of the entertainment industry’s first and only complete browser-based production asset management solution, today announced a joint venture to provide expanded services to customers worldwide. Under the terms of the agreement, Bonded Services will add Teresis’ tapeless automation and digital asset management technologies to its global portfolio of media management and storage services.

Providing the entertainment industry with media storage and distribution services since the 1930’s, Bonded Services provides support to nearly every major motion picture studio, television producer and distributor in the world. Its clients utilize Bonded Services to care for countless Academy® Award winning and Grammy® winning properties. Many of Bonded’s storage clients have thousands of video tapes and film reels with valuable footage sitting on shelves in ideal conditions, but still risking natural deterioration over time. These customers are looking for an easy, affordable way to digitize their assets in order to further safeguard, preserve and extend the life of their assets, make their libraries searchable and explore new ways to monetize their assets by repurposing the content into Video On Demand (VOD) or stock footage for sale.

Aiming to expand its services to meet the evolving needs of its customer base, Bonded Services will implement Teresis capabilities into each of its facilities throughout the world, including facilities in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Toronto. In return, Teresis will recommend Bonded to its clients for different services such as archival storage, operational support, fulfillment and logistics.

“We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with Teresis,” commented Glenn Greene, president and CEO of Bonded Services. “This unique opportunity allows us to offer our customers leading edge technology around the globe. With the major advances in the digital community, this new venture will indirectly reach millions of households worldwide.”

Media and tape archives hold enormous untapped repurposing value. Teresis offers the first platform to enable production companies and content owners to unlock this revenue potential by diversifying their products, repurposing their assets, generating new revenue streams and developing original content for new emerging markets such as the Internet, cell phones and VOD. Teresis delivers a cost effective means to digitize a tape library with its Genesis Multi-Purpose Encoderâ„¢ and MXF+Encoderâ„¢. It also provides content owners with a means to keep all their archived content securely stored online in an easily searchable format on, the Teresis Media Library’sâ„¢ software-as-a-service platform.

“Forging a relationship with one of the most respected leaders in the media and entertainment industry demonstrates the strength, diversity and marketability of Teresis products,” said Keri DeWitt, president and CEO of Teresis. “This venture with Bonded is significant because it extends our footprint outside North America to deliver our innovative video management technology to production companies and businesses worldwide. It also establishes the Teresis platform as a substantial and highly relevant technology that is applicable in a variety of markets in addition to TV and video production.”

As a value added service, Bonded’s customers can have media assets digitized into high resolution formats that will preserve the life of these assets. They will also have access to a low resolution file that enables content owners to use a secure web browser to view and search their library online and make it available for stock footage or VOD sales and licensing through TeresisOnline’s VOD module.

Emily Freeman of Tidewater Productions, Inc. and a business development consultant to Bonded Services, orchestrated the agreement. For additional information about Teresis and/or Bonded Services, please visit

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About Bonded Services
Bonded Services is the global leader servicing the entertainment industry worldwide and providing archival storage to countless award-winning classics. The company offers customers unmatched archival storage services and solid program distribution services. With over 70 years in business, Bonded Services stores every format imaginable – 70 mm film, beta cam cassettes, animation cels, scripts and more. There are more than five million reels of film, video, audio tape masters, protection masters, submasters, trims and outs contained within its 6,000,000 cubic feet worldwide – in climate controlled conditions. The company delivers hundreds of hours of TV programming weekly. Bonded Services has the most knowledgeable team in the world.

About Teresis
Teresis Media Management Inc. is the leading provider of tapeless automation, digital workflow and asset management technologies for the entertainment and broadcast industries. The Teresis system is a browser-based platform of tools that enable producers, directors, writers, story producers, editors and production companies to create scripts and storyboards, and digitize, log, transcribe, search, annotate, and edit footage collaboratively and remotely using a MAC or PC. It is the first platform to offer the potential for producers to diversify their products, repurpose their assets, and generate new revenue streams all from a single production.

As part of its overall vision and strategy, Teresis bridges the gap in film and video production between camera and distribution by completing the supply chain between content creators and new emerging distribution channels in the VOD market space. Its patent-pending technology functions as both a cost center reduction system for producers and production companies to manufacture their shows cheaper and faster as well as a revenue generating center through integrated Video On Demand and online distribution. For additional information about Teresis, please visit


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