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New York, NY — Produced by Blue Room, the award-winning NFL Fantasy Files have been reopened. Filmed for and Reebok, the viral campaign began rolling out one spot a week on July 20 on, NFL Network’s Total Access and Designed to incite fantasy football signups and interest for, the series of five :30 spots features NFL stars: Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens), Santonio Holmes (Pittsburgh Steelers), Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars), Darren Sproles (San Diego Chargers) and Kevin Boss (NY Giants).

For the fifth time, Blue Room, the New York-based creative services agency, has produced spots in which NFL players demonstrate seemingly impossible feats of athletic prowess in an effort to be chosen by fans for their fantasy football teams. In the pool of spots, Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens Quarterback, “kills� a series of clay pigeons with his explosive football throws; Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver, runs, catches a football and lands with both feet solidly on a tightrope; Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back, is buried in the sands of Jacksonville Beach up to his neck and the extraordinary strength of this “Pocket Hercules� helps him to jump free of this trap; Darren Sproles, the San Diego Chargers Running Back, manages to use two opponents who are trying to tackle him as “footholds� and literally avoids their grasp by running up and over them; and lastly, Kevin Boss, NY Giants Tight End, is found at a backyard BBQ catching, with one hand, a spiraling football hurled at him by a Jugs pitching machine at 60 mph positioned ten feet in front of him. All five spots are tagged “ Fantasy Files, Captured by: Reebok.�

Brian Aumueller, Director/Creative Director of Blue Room, said of this project, “Every year we try to up the ante, taking the players off the field and sometimes out of their comfort zone to perform stunts you could only expect from star athletes. This year’s batch is crazier than ever, if occasionally bizarre, but still the single-take, low-fi flavor that defines the Fantasy Files.�

Of his collaboration with Blue Room, Robert Stecklow, the NFL’s Director of Advertising said, “We are always astonished by the unique and extraordinary displays of NFL players’ talents as they are revealed in the NFL Fantasy Files.”

The Blue Room creative team for this campaign included Director/Creative Director Brian Aumueller, CEO/Executive Producer Chris Gargani; Executive Producer Lauren Muir; Editorial Director David Gargani; and Animators/Designers Steve Harper, Paul Waszak, Chieh Yen and Mark Lopez. Blue Room shot the spots in HD using Panasonic HVX 200 cameras.

Representing Reebok (Boston, MA) was Brand Communications Manager Dan Wiseman.

Representing NFL were Creative Producer Jonathan Klein, who wrote the five spots; Robert Stecklow, Director of Advertising; Elliot Gordon, Director of Product Management for; and Account Executive Josh Cella in the marketing and sales group, who handles the Reebok account for the NFL.

About Blue Room:
Blue Room, founded in 2002, is an award-winning creative services agency that delivers innovative, attention-grabbing design, motion graphics and production solutions for high profile clients including ABC, Animal Planet, ESPN, Fuse, History, IFC, NFL, Planet Green, RCN and Reebok, among many others.

The strong partnership Blue Room has formed with its diverse client base is largely due to the comprehensive services the company provides. From concept development to final delivery, all the resources one could need can be found in-house including: animation, visual effects, live action production, script writing, editorial, and an in-depth understanding of branding strategies.

Blue Room is headquartered at 7 West 18th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10003. For additional information, or to see a reel, contact Chris Gargani at

or by phone at (212) 243-5141. Visit the Blue Room website at


Production Company: Blue Room NYC
City/State: New York, NY
Director/Creative Director: Brian Aumueller
CEO/Executive Producer: Chris Gargani
Executive Producer: Lauren Muir
Editorial Director: David Gargani
Animators/Designers: Steve Harper, Paul Waszak, Chieh Yen and Mark Lopez

Representing the National Football League
City/State: New York, NY
Creative Producer/Writer: Jonathan Klein
Director of Advertising: Robert Stecklow
Director of Product Management for Elliot Gordon
Account Executive: Josh Cella

Representing Reebok
City/State: Boston, MA
Brand Communications Manager: Dan Wiseman