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Blue Room NYC President/CEO Chris Gargani will participate in Studio Daily’s webinar on “Viral Video: the Business of Web Video,� Tuesday June 2nd from 1:00 to 2:00pm EST with a live Q and A from 2:00-2:30pm (


Internet advertising/marketing video is one of the few growing markets these days. Clients like it because it is generally cheaper to produce, they can track the number of eyeballs they are reaching, there is no ad buy and the campaign can last indefinitely. The trick for producers, however, is to produce this content and still deliver broadcast quality work. For this Webinar experts that have done this successfully and created stable business models on viral video will address topics including:
• How to pitch/bid on a viral campaign
• Devising successful campaigns
• Keys to producing video for the web: where to cut corners, where not to
• Cross-pollinating Web video to many sites
• How workflow should differ for Web video than broadcast work
Gargani will reference the campaigns Blue Room created for Reebok and For four years running, Blue Room has designed and produced spots in which NFL players demonstrate seemingly impossible feats of athletic prowess in an effort to be chosen by fans for their fantasy football teams. These viral campaigns ran on, YouTube, and NFL Network’s Total Access and were designed to drive traffic to In addition, the Blue Room team has produced dozens of viral videos for Animal Planet over the years which were seeded to a vast array of Internet sites including TV/portals, Entertainment/Celebrity outlets, Adventure/Extreme Sports/Sports sites, Reality TV and Video Sharing websites.

“Viral Video: the Business of Web Video� will be moderated by Matt Armstrong, Studio Daily’s Editor-in-Chief.

Webinar panelists include:
• Chris Gargani, President/CEO Blue Room NYC
• Thor Raxlen, Partner/Creative Director Guerilla FX
• Darren Himebrook, interactiveD-P/Digital Strategist Guerilla FX
• Avi Savar, Founder Big Fuel
• Pat Carpenter, Principal Creative Bubble.

About Blue Room:
It was only 7 years ago, in 2002, that Blue Room’s partners President/CEO Chris Gargani, Creative Director Brian Aumueller and Editorial Director Dave Gargani, founded their award-winning creative services agency with a buck and a dream. In the intervening years, the company has grown from a one-room operation in Queens to an expansive loft in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, in the process becoming a force in the industry, building identities, creating branding solutions and high profile campaigns for clients including ABC, Animal Planet, ESPN, Fuse, History, IFC, NFL, Planet Green, RCN and Reebok, among many others.

Known for delivering innovative, attention-grabbing design, motion graphics and production solutions for their clients, the strong partnership Blue Room has formed with its diverse client base is largely due to the comprehensive services the company provides. From concept development to final delivery, all of the resources one might need can be found in-house including animation, visual effects, live-action production, script writing, editorial, and an in-depth understanding of branding strategies.

Blue Room is headquartered at 7 West 18th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10003. For additional information, or to see a reel, contact Chris Gargani at

or by phone at (212) 243-5141. Visit the Blue Room website at