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Blackmagic Design Support for OpenGear with 8 New Converters

Blackmagic Design announced support for the OpenGearâ„¢ standard for rack mount converters and processing products with the introduction of 8 new OpenGear converters at NAB 2009.

These converters’ features are virtually identical to Blackmagic Design’s popular Mini Converter range, and the new OpenGear Converter range include models for analog video, HDMI, audio and optical fiber to and from SDI.

Installable in any OpenGear standard rack mount enclosure, all converters support OpenGear’s DashBoard network based control and include USB ports for any future firmware updates. All converters will autoswitch between SD, HD and 3 gb/s SDI.

Blackmagic OpenGear Converters include powerful processing that can be upgraded via the USB port on the front of each card. The SDI to Analog model features a high quality HD down converter that supports letterbox, anamorphic 16:9 and center cut 4:3 modes.

Because Blackmagic OpenGear Converters fully support the OpenGear rack standard, they are compatible with a wide range of third party equipment from OpenGear partners worldwide.

First shown at NAB 2009, these converters allow facilities to build larger rackmount installations without being locked into a proprietary rack standard. This product is suited to production facilities or mobile production trucks where rackmount devices are in use and where the facility standardizes on the use of OpenGear for greatest compatibility.

The products are shipping immediately at USD $495 each from authorized Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

The OpenGear Converters will allow users to build larger facilities where most equipment is rack mounted.

OpenGear Converter Models:
• SDI to Analog – Converts SDI to component/s-video/composite and AES/EBU or analog audio.
• Analog to SDI – Converts component/s-video/composite and AES/EBU or analog audio to SDI.
• SDI to HDMI – Converts SDI to HDMI video and audio.
• HDMI to SDI – Converts HDMI video and audio to SDI.
• SDI to Audio – De-Embeds from SDI to 4 ch analog or 8 ch of AES/EBU audio.
• Audio to SDI – Embeds 4 ch analog or 8 ch AES/EBU audio to SDI. Includes sample rate converters.
• Optical Fiber – Converts SDI to optical fiber SDI and optical fiber SDI to SDI. Bi-directional.
• Sync Generator – Outputs 10 black burst or tri-sync reference outputs.

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