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Blackmagic Design Announces New Low Price for Studio Videohub 16 x 32 SDI router with 3 Gb/s SDI support 16 x 16 RS-422 control, automatic auto switch and full SDI re-clocking makes professional routing more affordable!

IBC 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands – September 11, 2009

Blackmagic Design

today announced a

new lower price on its popular Studio Videohub

3 Gb/s SDI router with 16 x 32 SDI routing, 16 x 16 RS-422 deck control, full SDI re-clocking all in a compact design less than 1 inch thick.

Studio Videohub will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design IBC 2009 stand located at #7.D08

Studio Videohub is perfect for small post production workgroups where people need to share a broadcast deck as well as system integrators who are building custom video facilities. Studio Videohub can also be used to compartmentalize sections of a facility from the main router such as a small graphic design group in a large broadcast facility. Studio Videohub is

available now for US$2,995 or €2095


Studio Videohub includes the same great SDI re-clocking and 3 Gb/s SDI technology as the other Videohub family, for an incredibly advanced design!

Because Videohub routers are very affordable, now even more studios can eliminate complicated manual patching between workstations and decks. Most studios currently use manual patch cables for connecting equipment because, until now, they could not afford a large SDI video router. Manual patching degrades SDI video signals, limiting cable length and limiting studio size. Videohub routers eliminate these problems with built in SDI re-clocking which cleans up SDI signals so they can run down long cables for greater flexibility when designing studio layout.

“We designed the Videohub routers to eliminate complicated manual patching, while being affordable for everyone,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design.
“Now, with this new affordable price, Videohub routers are now available to smaller studios on the tightest budgets. Unlike other low cost routers, with Studio Videohub, you get all the professional features without any limitations!”

The Videohub family are the only routers that are designed to be easy to install. All connections are grouped together to include an SDI input, SDI output, deck control port, and SDI monitor output for each user. Videohub routers have twice as many SDI outputs as inputs, so each user can connect monitoring directly to the router. This lets people control their monitoring without affecting the input of their editing workstation. This is important when more than one person is working on a post production project and the client wants to switch monitoring to see the entire project being worked on.

Studio Videohub Model Features

* 16 SDI inputs compliant with SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 424M and ITU-R BT.656.
* 32 SDI outputs compliant with SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 424M and ITU-R BT.656.
* 16 independent Sony(tm) compatible RS-422 serial control ports. Each port is independently reversible via software control to allow broadcast decks or editing workstations to be connected.
* 2 Rack units high, less than 1 inch deep.
* Automatically switches between SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3 Gb/s SDI on each input, so each input can run a different television standard.
* Simultaneous connection of SD, HD and 3 Gb/s HD equipment in your facility using the one router.
* Router input, output, control and monitoring outputs are grouped in a simple to understand layout for non-technical users.
* Full SDI re-clocking supported allowing long SDI cable lengths. Re-clocking automatically detects between SD, HD or 3 Gb/s SDI video.
* Computer based software router control panel for Mac OS XTM and Windows(tm). Router communication via USB connected host computer, with other computers communicating via Ethernet. Use touch screen computers with easy to use icon pushbuttons.
* Router connections are preserved in case of power failure and connections recover immediately when power is restored.
* Video reference input, compatible with both black burst and tri-sync.

Availability and Price

Studio Videohub is available now for US$2,995 or €2095 from all Blackmagic Design resellers.

Press Photography

Product photos of Studio Videohub, and all other Blackmagic Design products, are available at


About Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design creates the world’s most advanced video editing products, color correctors, video converters, routers, waveform monitors and film restoration software for the feature film, post-production and television broadcast industries. Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink capture cards launched a revolution in the television industry, while the company’s converters, Videohub routers and UltraScope waveform monitoring continue to make advanced post production tools affordable to thousands of creative professionals. Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Emmy(tm) award winning color correction products have dominated the television industry since 1984 and continue ground breaking innovations including stereoscopic 3D and 4K workflows. Founded by world leading post production editors and engineers, Blackmagic Design has offices in the USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. For more information, please check