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Beast San Francisco Gets Twisted for ‘Bright Falls’

— Live-action series from agencytwofifteen for Xbox 360 promotes psychological action thriller ‘Alan Wake’ —


, one of the country’s top editorial facilities, completed work on Xbox 360’s “

Bright Falls

,� a six-episode series created by agencytwofifteen to promote the psychological action thriller game “

Alan Wake

.� Directed by Phillip Van for production company Little Minx, “Bright Falls� debuted on Xbox LIVE and on the web on April 27, with two episodes available each week through the game’s launch on May 18.

Shot on the RED camera on location in rural Oregon and Washington, “Bright Falls� is a prequel to the events of “Alan Wake,� telling the story of a reporter named Jake as he arrives in town to interview the creepy Dr. Hartman. In the first two episodes, Jake discovers the woods, hollows and diner that comprise Bright Falls are filled with mysterious characters, setting the stage for the strange events to follow.

Beast used REDCINE X to transcode the raw RED digital files captured from the week-long shoot, converting them to DNX files before loading them onto an Avid system for editing. “As much as we wanted to jump straight into the edit, the first thing we had to think about was data management. Once we had the files in the AVID and synced, we were able to break the footage into separate episodes and start editing,� explained Beast editor Connor T. McDonald.

“This was such a cool project—it’s the kind of thing that got me into editing in the first place,� McDonald continued. “I love cutting commercials, but it was my love of movies and television dramas that got me here. ‘Bright Falls’ gave us a chance to open things up a little and let the characters unfold and develop.�

McDonald shared editing chores for “Bright Falls� with Beast editors Nikki Winig and Brian Lagerhausen. “It was a great experience, much more about storytelling than product,� Winig said. “The biggest challenge, which was the departure from commercial editing, was also the most fun part. From the moment I read the treatment I couldn’t wait to start cutting. The other nice thing was the amount of time we had for each episode, which really allowed us to help build a detailed and nuanced story.�

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