Beast Austin Hires Executive Producer Mary Ellen Farrar

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Austin, TX -


, one of the country's top editorial facilities, has hired former advertising agency producer Mary Ellen Farrar to oversee commercial editing and post work at its vibrant, busy Austin, TX location. Farrar has spent the past two decades as a producer. Most recently she was on staff at the Seattle offices of Publicis, where she worked on spots for Washington's Lottery, Dish Network, Citi and the popular T-Mobile "myFaves" and "myTouch" campaigns. "We are delighted to have Mary Ellen on our team," says Beast's COO and managing director Valerie Petrusson. "Her understanding of production, the industry at large and her years of experience on the agency side make her a wonderful asset to our Austin operation."

Though Farrar has been involved in many facets of production and a wide variety of formats, it is the editing phase, she notes, that has always most fascinated her. "It's really the part of the process where a job comes to life," she says. "During the shooting, it's more like a play. It doesn't become something the whole world can enjoy until it goes through post." A long-time Austin resident, Farrar is excited about returning to the state and to be working in the advertising world in this rapidly growing market. "The industry is constantly evolving these days," Farrar notes, 'and we're in a perfect place to evolve and grow with it. Austin is a hotbed of high-tech industries and it's a great time to be able to offer editing services on par with the best there is anywhere in the country."

About Beast

Beast is one of the country's top editorial facilities for commercials, music videos and web virals. With offices in Santa Monica, New York, Austin, Detroit, Chicago and San Francisco, Beast serves a global clientele with an unparalleled roster of established, award-winning editors as well as up-and-coming talent. Since opening its doors in 2006, Beast has built an impressive and varied body of work for such clients as Harpo Films, Nike, AT&T, Reebok, Southwest Airlines, GM, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, USAF, Linkin Park and Black Eyed Peas.



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