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BASE Media Cloud helps Green Rock stop buying storage with Zadara’s Pure OpEX Model

saved approximately 20% annually compared to on-premise storage hardware or software; saved time that can be spent on the creative product

BASE Media Cloud backed up files for Green Rock’s work on the documentary “Hitler: Germany’s Fatal Attraction,” produced by 3DD Productions and aired on the Discovery Channel, using  Zadara Storage’s Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA).BASE Media Cloud in London provides tailored cloud storage and private cloud work flow services for media companies. It leverages world-class infrastructure to deliver trusted, high quality yet pay-per-use solutions for clients ranging in size from sole traders to global media enterprises. Its mantra is “why buy storage?”  – a message resoundingly echoed by post- and production companies. 

For example Green Rock, a production, editing and finishing facility in London’s hip Fitzrovia neighborhood, has long chafed at traditional CapEx-driven storage hardware purchasing schemes. As 4K and HD formats drive file sizes even larger, the incompatibility of the traditional storage purchasing model with project-based needs is becoming even greater.
This spring, as Green Rock’s work on documentaries for the BBC, Sky and Discovery was ramping up and demand for serialized content for commercial clients was surging, a storage vendor presented an excessive price tag to upgrade its four-year-old on-premise storage hardware. Green Rock’s managing director, Simon Rigden Green, knew there must be a better way.

Green Rock turned to the BASE Media Cloud’s platform for nightly backups of rushes and each day’s project files via a private VPN to BASE Media Cloud’s resources hosted in a secure London data center. Using Zadara Storage’s software-defined Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSA), BASE Media Cloud set up a three-way mirror copy approach using cost-effective SATA disk. Because of Zadara’s Storage as a Service (STaaS) business model, BASE Media Cloud charges Green Rock on a pay-per-use basis for only the actual storage it uses, without contractual lock-ins-right-sizing storage capacity to Green Rock’s real-world media project workloads.  The storage resource is as high performing, secure and on-demand as on-premises hardware, only it is fully maintained and managed for the Green Rock team 24/7/365. 

Green Rock estimates that within its first several months alone, it achieved savings of approximately 20% annually by using BASE Media Cloud’s solution compared to on-premise storage hardware or software. But as it looks to extend the service from BASE, it will save thousands of dollars more from avoiding on-site storage investment. This approach to backing up files is also more time- efficient– time that now can be spent on the creative product.

“BASE Media Cloud has provided a secure, off-site backup solution for our projects and media currently held on our in-house facility storage systems using Zadara’s flexible approach so that we barely even think about the storage,” said Simon Rigden Green, managing director of Green Rock.