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B-Reel Films Launches London Office With New EP Philippa Allen


Philippa Allen, new B-Reel Films Executive Producer


– September 28, 2011 – International film production company

B-Reel Films


), announced today the formation of a new office in London in order to fortify its U.K. presence. To helm B-Reel Films’ operations here, the company tapped Philippa Allen as Executive Producer. With the new office, B-Reel Films now features four offices spanning the globe, including Los Angeles, New York City and Stockholm. B-Reel Films works in close collaboration with digital production company B-Reel (


“The best creatives are to be found in London, and of course we want to be where the best work is,” said Johannes Ahlund, managing director B-Reel Films. “We also see that the need for integrated productions in the U.K. continues to grow and as a global brand it’s critical to establish our London office and cement our presence.”

As the head of the new London office, Allen plans to introduce B-Reel Films as a TV commercial production company that can deliver film content of the highest quality. Part of this endeavor is to work hand-in-hand with sister company B-Reel to offer a heightened standard of integration between digital and film that is only just beginning to emerge in the U.K.

“It’s a great thrill to join B-Reel Films at this time in the company’s growth,” Allen said. “B-Reel is already known in London for producing highly innovative digital work and they are respected for their creativity and business ethics. My goal is to create a commercials company that further enhances this reputation.”

Prior to joining B-Reel Films, Allen was with Rogue Films in London for over four years. While there she worked with Charlie Crompton and David van der Gaag to develop Rogue into one of London’s leading production companies.

Before working at Rogue, Allen worked with US production company Crossroads Films when they first established in London. Allen’s career began as a freelance production manager working on independent features, short films and corporate films. This work gave her the necessary experience to grow from a marketing position into an executive producer role.

“I’ve had the luxury of being involved in all aspects of the business and to work creatively alongside talented directors,” Allen said. “Moving from a traditional production company to an environment as cutting edge as B-Reel Films is a fantastic challenge for me. It’s exciting to bring my knowledge of the London market to B-Reel Films, and very refreshing to be able to offer UK agencies a new pool of talent.

B-Reel Films’ new office will be a separate entity of its own and therefore will include a brand new roster. Though the team is still being decided upon, Ahlund said they are hoping to sign a new London based director within the next month.


B-Reel Films is a film production company whose specialty is fusing traditional storytelling with cutting edge technique on all platforms. But as great as the latest technique can ever get, it’s nothing without a thorough understanding of how to dramatize a story in a way that moves the audience. Our people have been in the business of doing just that for the past 15 years producing award winning commercials, drama series and feature films.

B-Reel Films’ global director roster includes Filip Tellander, Anders Forsman, Anders Hallberg, Tom Malmros, David Hicks, Nick Piper, Johan Perjus, Emil Moller, The Colony, Michael Marcimain, Jens Sjogren, Tomas Alfredson, Igor Zimmermann, Kristian Petri, Johan Kling, Patrik Bergh (Nordic), Brian Lee Hughes (Nordic), and StyleWar (Nordic).

B-Reel Films has offices in New York, LA, London and Stockholm.


Founded in 1999 with full service offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Stockholm, B-Reel specializes in the field of advanced digital productions on multiple platforms including web, mobile and out-of-home media. They collaborate with partner B-Reel Films on integrated campaigns.
B-Reel Films is a traditional film production company.

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