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Encino, CA, July 13, 2006- AvatarLabs, a full-service motion graphics and editorial design studio for the entertainment industry led by noted creative director/producer/designer Rex Cook, has designed, created and delivered a series of online “Rich Ads” as part of the online theatrical advertising campaign promoting the upcoming Universal Studios feature film “Miami Vice.” AvatarLabs‘ client for the project was John Patrick Richards, Director Digital Marketing with Universal. Mr. Cook made the announcement.

AvatarLabs specializes in the creation of online rich ads, which are designed to offer Internet users additional information and interactive features while promoting major movie releases. With online advertising spending now exceeding that of print advertising, studios are beginning to embrace these new types of Internet ads as highly creative and immersive marketing tools which can translate the interest of potential theater-goers into box-office ticket sales. The “Miami Vice” rich ads will appear on Yahoo, AOL, Google and other major Internet destinations.

“Our goal was to create an interactive experience that captured the intensity of Michael Mann‘s ‘Miami Vice,‘ while bringing the amazing film footage to life in the most provocative way,” said Richards. “AvatarLabs achieved this, while also delivering several micro-site features that take you into the centralized themes of the movie. They met the goal as always - they designed visually impactful ads, while getting users excited about the film.”

Mr. Cook said, “Online ads promoting studio films have been primarily Flash ads for the past 8-10 years, and only directed viewers to a film‘s website. Now, innovative studio marketing executives have discovered online rich ads, which our company has been helping to develop and define for the past 5 years. Rich ads have the ability to serve as ‘mini-websites‘ for users, and can offer them TV spots, the film‘s trailer, EPK elements and behind the scenes information and imagery, games, and other interactive features. We definitely are on the bleeding edge of this new advertising medium and our clients are right there with us. It should be obvious, but we couldn‘t do this without our studio clients willing to take risks and innovate with us.”

“Miami Vice,” stars Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, and is written and directed by Michael Mann. The film comes to theaters on July 28th. Regarding the film, online reviewer Jeffrey Wells of


says, “The fumes of ‘Miami Vice‘ -- the aroma, the grit, the atmospheric stuff, the digital flavor of Dion Beebe's here-and-there photography -- are superb (and sometimes in a realm so special I can't quite describe it,) and this alone makes it the supreme commercial ‘ride‘ movie of the summer.”

The AvatarLabs creative team behind the Rich Ads promoting “Miami Vice” includes:

Rex Cook, Creative Director/owner

Laura Primack, Producer/Senior Art Director

Ogy Durham, Senior Art Director

Aaron Buchanan, Lead Flash Developer

James Safechuck, Designer

Donna Arrogante, Designer

Paul Novoa, Art Director

Aki Narita, Art Director motion graphics

Valerie Cook, Designer

Jordan Davids, Project Manager

Hardware/software used for this project included:

16 quad and dual g5‘s

Photoshop cs2

Illustrator cs2

Flash 8

After Effects 7

Maya 7



Founded in 2001 by Executive Creative Director Rex Cook, AvatarLabs is a full-service motion graphics and editorial design studio with solid relationships with the marketing divisions of every major Hollywood motion picture studio. Mr. Cook is the 2006 winner of a DGA “IMAC” (Internet Movie Advertising Creative Showcase) Award for Creative Excellence.

Recent AvatarLabs projects have included creating online theatrical advertising campaigns for “King Kong”, “The Break-Up”, “Super Ex Girlfriend”, “The Omen”, “Chicken Little”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, “Ice Age 2”, “ATL”, “Step-Up” and “The Wild.”

AvatarLabs is located at 16838 Addison Street, Encino, CA, 91436. The phone is 818/728-6778. For more information, please visit