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AvatarLabs Creates "Master Hunter" Game to Promote "10,000 BC" Film

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Encino, CA, March 12, 2008 – AvatarLabs, one of Hollywood’s most successful online marketing agencies, and specializes in the creation of online rich media and enriched websites (designed to offer Internet users additional information and interactive features while promoting major motion pictures) has completed a new online marketing campaign for the film “10,000 B.C.,� which opens in cinemas internationally on March 14th.� Rex Cook, Executive Creative Director/Founder, AvatarLabs, made the announcement. ABOUT CAMPAIGN FOR “10,000 BC:� For client Warner Bros. International, AvatarLabs completed a viral campaign promoting the film “10,000 B.C.� Working for Warner Bros. International clients Rossanna Wang, VP, New Media & Interactive Marketing, and Julie Ryan, Director, New Media & Interactive Marketing, the AvatarLabs team created a 3-level game entitled “Master Hunter,� that engages the user by immersing them in an ancient “Mammoth Hunt� inspired by the film. First, the user must master the use of the spear through target practice. Once aim and trajectory are mastered, users embark on a mammoth hunt! Each level is interspersed with video content from the film’s effects-heavy hunt sequence. In combining game play with video montages, the game becomes one with the film, and promoting its cutting edge special effects. When the user has played all three levels, he/she can “join the hunt� by creating an account, uploading a picture to see themselves as a Master Hunter, and keep track of their score, as well as their friends’ scores, through an embeddable widget. True to the nature of viral marketing, “Master Hunter� enables users to challenge their friends to compete for the highest score and the white spear, which is a tie-in to the film where the lead hunter is awarded the white spear. With its unique score tracking system, users can embed the widget on their social networking page and compete with their network of friends for the white spear. As the high scorer in a group of friends is the only one to get the distinguished white spear on their widget, users are encouraged to continue to compete and challenge friends to participate. This advanced score tracking system is the perfect marriage of story, technology, and advertising. AVATARLABS Credits for “10,000 B.C.� : Executive Creative Director: Rex Cook Producer: Jennifer Fahy Creative Lead: Laura Primack Developers: Christian Widodo and James Safechuck Animator and Designer : Paul Berry ABOUT AVATARLABS: Founded in 2001 by Executive Creative Director Rex Cook, AvatarLabs is one of Hollywood’s most successful online design and production studios. Mr. Cook is the winner of a DGA “IMAC� (Internet Movie Advertising Creative Showcase) Award for Creative Excellence. AvatarLabs was behind the online marketing for some of the most successful Hollywood films released during 2007. These include “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,� “I Am Legend,“ “Alvin and the Chipmunks,� “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,� “The Simpsons Movie,� “Ratatouille,� “Ocean’s 13,� and “Fantastic Four 2.� Other recent projects include “August Rush,� “Walk Hard,� “Beowulf,� and “Water Horse.� Other high profile AvatarLabs projects have included creating online campaigns promoting “Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End,� “300,� “Borat,� “Night at the Museum,� “Happy Feet,� and many others. AvatarLabs is based at 5500 Balboa Blvd., Suite # 300, Encino, CA, 91316. The phone is 818/784-2200. For more information, please visit





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