AvatarLabs Creates First Hi-Def YouTube Ad as part of "Pineapple Express" Online Marketing Campaign

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Encino, CA, Aug 7, 2008 – AvatarLabs, one of Hollywood’s leading online marketing agencies specializing in the creation of online rich media and enriched websites (designed to offer Internet users additional information and interactive features while promoting major motion pictures,) just delivered the online marketing campaign promoting the new comedy film “Pineapple Express� for client Sony Pictures. Rex Cook, Executive Creative Director/Founder, AvatarLabs, made the announcement. In an industry “first,� AvatarLabs developed a rich, online, High Definition ad to promote “Pineapple Express,� marking the first time a video ad in the HD format has been presented on YouTube. The ad features an impressive expansion size of 875 x 460 pixels, in addition to link-outs to age-restricted content and a full-screen game, as well as to the film’s official website. Also notable in this campaign is the fact that AvatarLabs is responsible for creating the MySpace takeover for “Pineapple Express,� which goes live on 8/8/08. This takeover is an amalgam of the film’s entire marketing campaign, featuring exclusive green screen footage of the movie’s stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. In addition to the age-restricted content and full-screen game mentioned above, the MySpace takeover also features mobile call-outs for users to get free voice tones and the “exploding pineapple� motif that is present in the film’s other online and offline marketing materials. “When a film comes along with such a diverse asset collection, it’s very rewarding for us to be able to incorporate those assets into our work in such a playful way. At the end of the day, if we can do something unique that truly captures the audience, we go home happy,� said Laura Primack, Associate Creative Director, AvatarLabs. AvatarLabs’ producer Josh Golsen adds, “The constant challenge we have when promoting a comedy film is to be as funny as the actual movie. We really appreciate having a client who is so supportive of our creative ideas and continually allows us to push our creative and technical limitations.� ABOUT AVATARLABS: Founded in 2001 by Executive Creative Director Rex Cook, AvatarLabs is one of Hollywood’s most successful online design and production studios. The company is the winner of three DGA “IMAC� (Internet Movie Advertising Creative Showcase) Awards for Creative Excellence, among many other prestigious industry awards and honors. AvatarLabs was behind the online marketing for some of the most successful Hollywood films released during the past 12 months. These include campaigns promoting “The Dark Knight,� “Wall-E,� “Hancock,� “Get Smart,� and “Narnia 2: Prince Caspian.� Other recent high profile AvatarLabs projects have included creating online campaigns promoting “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,� “I Am Legend,“ “Alvin and the Chipmunks,� “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,� “The Simpsons Movie,� “Ratatouille,� “Ocean’s 13,� “Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End,� “300,� “Borat,� “Night at the Museum,� “Happy Feet,� and many others. AvatarLabs is based at 5500 Balboa Blvd., Encino, CA, 91316. The phone is 818/784-2200. For more information, please visit