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Two major AV dealers recently cited multiple factors driving the growing popularity of the REALiS brand of multimedia LCOS projectors from Canon U.S.A., a leader in digital imaging.

“Canon’s REALiS projectors deliver the best quality you can buy for your dollar,� stated John Hardman, account manager of the nationwide dealer/installer CCS Presentation Systems. “People who really know quality choose Canon REALiS. I sell thousands of projectors a year, but Canon’s REALiS projectors are what I take with me to show clients that demand the best image quality and accurate color reproduction. There is a definite market difference in the image quality that Canon REALiS provides. Canon’s LCOS technology is unique, and doesn’t have the pixelization problems of LCD technology or the color-wheel effects of DLP.�

Hardman points to several recent customers with specific display needs that Canon REALiS multimedia LCOS projectors fulfilled. “REALiS gives you the advantage of displaying a larger image at a higher resolution with much clearer detail,� Hardman noted. “We have a client that creates blueprints and extremely detailed technical drawings that require high-resolution image display. Canon’s REALiS is the most economical way to display that content without having to buy a projector that costs tens of thousands of dollars.�

“Another client is a medical software company that creates large, dense spreadsheets that are color-coded to enable nurses to quickly locate data,� Hardman continued. “That client likes Canon REALiS because of its accurate color rendition and its SXGA+ [1400 x 1050] resolution, which keeps them from having to condense the spreadsheet to get all of it on a single screen. REALiS gives you much more data in the frame. It doesn’t crop or dither-down the image.�

A third client Hardman cites is the public affairs division of a major military installation in Southern California. “They had been filming their video footage in digital high-definition, so we needed to install a projector that would properly display the quality of that footage,� he said. “We installed a Canon REALiS SX80 in a 20 ft. by 30 ft. room using a 16 by 9 screen. The widescreen setting of the projector works very nicely. Also, Canon lenses are noted for being professional-grade. Nothing in there is plastic; it’s all high-grade optics. The REALiS SX80 has a 1.5x powered zoom lens with 10:0 lens offset to correct distortion. It’s probably the best projector for the price.�

Multimedia Compatibility
Further up the California coast, Murray Lewis, Santa Clara CA branch manager of systems integrator Global Presenter, has identified additional factors driving the popularity of Canon REALiS multimedia LCOS projectors.

“Users are becoming more conscious of image quality because of the types of computers they’re using to create their presentations,� Lewis noted. “Many computers now offer widescreen high-definition display, but a projector that is not up to that quality level will degrade the look of presentations created with those computers. In the past, the only high-quality projector choices were big, very expensive models. Now Canon has brought out its REALiS WUX10, which gives users the clarity and brightness they need in large meeting rooms, but for a much more affordable price.�

The world’s first WUXGA-resolution (1920 x 1200) widescreen multimedia LCOS projector, the REALiS WUX10 features 3200 lumens of brightness and a significantly larger display area that enables Macintosh and Windows users to project their computers’ entire screen displays in their true proportions.

“If you have to spend $150,000 on a projector, you won’t have much left in your budget for the other things you’ll need for your presentation system,� Lewis added. “Affordability is important, and there’s a big dollar difference between the cost of a Canon REALiS multimedia LCOS projector and the cost of larger high-resolution projectors. The cost of ownership is also not just the initial purchase. It’s also the cost of lamps and maintenance over time. Some of the bigger projectors have multiple lamps, and as you use up hours, they can get pretty expensive. These kinds of projectors are warranted in big theater applications, but not in corporate boardrooms.�

“Most of the boardrooms rooms in corporate America are designed for 25 or fewer people,� he continued. “The compact size, high brightness, and low noise of Canon REALiS projectors makes them very acceptable for those environments. You don’t have to hide a REALiS projector up in the ceiling with a retractable lift, which is expensive and a maintenance worry. You can use a REALiS projector in any standard-construction conference room, without anything more in terms of support equipment or architectural considerations than you would if you had the projector sitting on a table.�

Lewis described a San Francisco Bay Area manufacturer of mobile devices that needed a high-quality projector to display its latest TV commercials to employees during internal meetings. The best solution to fill the main screen of their conference room was the Canon REALiS WUX10 multimedia LCOS projector. A Canon REALiS SX80 was also installed to provide projection display for a smaller screen in the same room.

“We were dealing with a venue for 250 to 300 people, so it was no longer possible to show the full quality of the company’s ads with the simple XGA projector they had,� Lewis explained. “They wanted to have HD pictures with the best resolution, so that when they assembled employees for quarterly meetings they could show their ads and commercials in high-quality. Such presentations are designed not only to motivate employees but also to remind them of the importance of the quality of the ‘look and feel’ of the products they sell.�

“For anyone whose objective is using imagery – either as a part of a product they have designed or to show what that product is capable of – Canon REALiS multimedia LCOS projectors are probably the best option for them,� he said. “The REALiS WUX10’s resolution is higher than HDTV, which is being delivered today by Blu-ray discs, satellite TV, and other consumer products. The REALiS WUX10 has every input that you need; having both DVI and HDMI connections is particularly useful. You can go direct from HD sources without having to convert anything.�

“The popularity of the REALiS WUX10 multimedia LCOS projector will continue to grow because more people are buying laptops that really are multimedia in the true sense of the word,� Lewis said. “Projectors have to keep up with the ever-improving output resolution of computers in the boardroom. Right now the Canon REALiS WUX10 is in the lead.�

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