Auryn’s Premiere Storybook iPad App “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day?� Now Available on iTunes

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Auryn’s highly anticipated digital storybook iPad App “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day?� is now available via iTunes for $7.99:

The App unites innovative technology with the highest quality production in an interactive book experience to be enjoyed by kids, parents and teachers. View the “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day?� Promo here:

Written by noted author Bruno Hachler and illustrated by Birte Muller, “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day?� is an enchanting, interactive story about a little girl’s curiosity regarding what her beloved teddy does when she’s away. The App is based on a best selling print edition published by Minedition, which co-released the App with Auryn. With “Teddy,� kids will love immersing themselves in a world of wonder and imagination, where characters come to animated life and respond to playful taps and tickles. The App includes such bonus features as a color drawing tablet, a mini puzzle and a splatter paint page where children can uncover secret images. These features, along with beautiful production quality unrivaled in the digital book app realm, set the bar for next generation digital book experiences. “I am very impressed with Auryn’s ability to bring our high quality artwork to life with great interactive features,� says Minedition Founder Michael Neugebauer. “I have seen a lot of apps from other developers, but nothing like this in terms of quality, originality and fun! I think it is a stunning app and look forward to developing new ones with Auryn, making use of their technical expertise and emphasis on quality.� About Auryn: Founded by animation feature film professionals, Auryn’s proprietary technology enables the company to produce motion media in any known style including those never before seen in animation such as oil paint, pastel and pen and ink. By uniting leading technologists, noted storytellers and exceptional animation production, Auryn produces digital storybook Apps that are truly original. Auryn is a trusted partner to publishers, artists and writers. The company is currently in production on numerous storybook Apps to be released in 2010 and 2011. For more on the company please visit:

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