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Audio-Technica Products Used for 2011 Sundance Institute Filmmakers Lab

A variety of microphones and wireless systems from Audio-Technica, a world leader in transducer technology, were used at the 2011 Sundance Institute Filmmakers Lab, held at Robert Redford’s residence in Sundance, Utah. The month-long series of workshops included the three-week Directors Lab, followed by a weeklong Screenwriters Lab.

Filmmakers at Sundance Filmmakers Lab used Audio-Technica microphones. Shown are filmmakers on-location at the Wasatch Mountains at Sundance, Utah. Photo by Jonathan Hickerson/Sundance Institute.

Audio-Technica microphones were used on the event’s sound stages for several weeks. Ian Calderon, Sundance Institute Senior Advisor, Digital Initiatives, said, “Each year a variety of leading technology companies offer us the opportunity to use their products at our Filmmakers Lab. Our visiting artists, technicians and creative advisors have come to expect that they will be using world class video and audio resources as they work on their scenes from their original screenplays. This year, we were delighted to have Audio-Technica participate. Sound quality is as important as picture quality, and with Audio-Technica at the Sundance Lab, our filmmakers achieved the best of both during their production process.”

The following Audio-Technica gear was present: six

BP4071 Line + Gradient Condenser Microphones

and two

BP4073 Line + Gradient Condenser Microphones

, used as boom mics for dialogue; and eight

BP896cW MicroPoint Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphones

, used as plant mics on actors. Additionally, the following Audio-Technica

1800 Series Wireless Systems

were used in conjunction with A-T microphones to provide wireless links between actors: four ATW-1821D Camera Mounted Dual Body-Pack Systems and four ATW-1812D Camera-Mount with Plug-on Transmitters.

Calderon continued, “The Audio-Technica equipment was reliably built, elegantly designed and easy to use. When filmmakers are on set, they require the best possible resources, and A-T equipment delivered on their promise of dependable equipment and excellent sound quality. Our filmmakers shoot in a variety of conditions and locations, and in each situation the A-T shotgun microphones and wireless systems gave us the best results!”