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Athena Studios Opens in Northern California: New Facility Provides Production Services to the Film and Broadcast Community

Emeryville, CA, September 13, 2012 – Athena Studios has opened for business in Emeryville — the East Bay area of Northern California. The new company provides full production services for film, TV, advertising, and multimedia clients and projects. Athena Studios offers a 40’ x 48’ stage, including a 25’ x 25’ green screen cyc. The announcement was made today by Jon V. Peters, CEO/Founder, Athena Studios.
Athena Studios is the production arm of AthenaOnline, which has been delivering award-winning educational programs to corporations around the world since its launch in l994. AthenaOnline was founded by Mr. Peters to leverage new technologies offering knowledge to a broader range of learners in the business world. Over the years the company, which began its online video delivery system even before the advent of YouTube, has been featured in Fortune, Wired, and numerous other publications. Considered pioneers in online education and development, AthenaOnline has created numerous interactive programs and thousands of online videos.
Regarding the launch of Athena Studios, Mr. Peters said, “We have always wanted to create a truly compelling experience for our corporate users. I realized that to achieve that goal we needed to strengthen our abilities in all aspects of filmmaking as well, so we gave AthenaOnline’s Production Group more creative autonomy. We realized that we also need a great stage with a full green screen cyc, capable of multi-camera shots with larger groups of people. We also needed superb compositing tools, CGI and special effects capabilities, not to mention really talented people to do it all. After almost a year of looking we finally found a 5,200 sq. ft. facility here in Emeryville that Athena Studios can now call home.”
Athena Studios’ first project on the new stage was hosting High Noon Entertainment for their new pilot of “Collection Intervention” on the SyFy Network. The Athena crew has also worked with the Bay Area Section of the Visual Effects Society to provide video production and post services for special membership events at such private venues as Industrial Light & Magic and the Walt Disney Family Museum. In addition, they have collaborated with the California Film Institute on a special “Raiders of the Lost Ark” 30th Anniversary celebration, and most recently worked with local VES board members David Tanaka and Brice Parker along with Ex’pression College for Digital Arts to produce the 2012 Mill Valley Film Festival official trailer.


Jon V. Peters, CEO and Founder of Athena Studios, began his career as an industrial designer in San Jose, California. He went on to become a professional model maker, and helped design and build a special full-scale interactive spaceship project with the Optical Photography Coordinator from George Lucas’ Miniature and Optical Effects Unit on the original “Star Wars” and effects professionals from Universal Studios Hollywood. Shortly thereafter, Peters left model making to start his own boutique advertising and design firm, Icon, which specialized in high-impact print advertising and packaging for technology clients.

Peters continued to pursue his passion for special effects and animation, however, writing articles and reviews for national publications on the convergence of 3D animation, multimedia and personal computers. While his advertising agency won awards and critical acclaim for its work in packaging and marketing, he concurrently served as a judge for a variety of multimedia competitions.

Peters founded AthenaOnline, the award-winning educational company, in 1994.


Athena Studios was launched in Summer 2012 as a full service production facility designed to help companies seeking to produce their own videos or shoot a feature film. Athena has a fully lit green screen stage available for daily or long-term rental, and can help outfit its clients with lighting and camera equipment through its alliances with local area vendors DTC Grip and Chater Camera.
Athena Studios is conveniently located off Highway 80 in Emeryville, CA., in the heart of Northern California’s “New Hollywood” — near Pixar, Tippett Studios and Ex’pression College for Digital Arts.
Athena Studios’ experienced crew can help clients with editing, motion graphics and special effects. The studio has relationships with artists and craftsmen from the film production and special effects industries native to Northern California that can be brought in to assist and embellish any video or film production, large or small.
Athena Studios Stage Specs:
Approx. 40′ X 48′ stage area
25′ X 25′ x 16’H two wall coved cyc.
12’W X 13’H loading door

Athena Studios Audio Rooms:
7.5′ X 10′ sound deadened room
Adjacent recording area
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