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ASSIMILATE’s Delivers Innovative Pay-As-You-Use and Site-License Subscription Options For SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab

Innovative new programs deliver the ultimate in flexibility and productivity for DITs, DI and post-production facilities, and rental houses


, the leading provider of Creative DI and Advanced Dailies software for digital cinema, television, commercials and spot workflows, today announced a new and innovative subscription program for both its SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab products. This unique program will feature two new licensing options: Pay-As You-Use and Site License.


The Pay-As-You-Use option allows customers to subscribe to either the SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab software, install it on their systems, and activate their licenses only for the periods in which they need to use the software. Customers can activate for one day, one week, one month or three-month periods, and can easily extend any activation for additional periods. This option is available only on the ASSIMILATE Store, and only via credit card.

“The nature of a DIT’s work is often cyclical, with short term gigs happening between long- term ones, with job requirements that are always really project specific,” said Ben Cain, DIT for the HBO hit series Girls. “This new Pay-As-You-Use subscription program for SCRATCH Lab is a great option, as you can turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t. This sort of flexibility works really well with our constantly evolving role.”

Site License

The innovative subscription program provides facilities with a Site License Subscription by paying one low, annual price to access as many concurrent SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab licenses (including maintenance and support) as they want for that site, for that year (certain terms and conditions apply). Facilities that already own perpetual licenses of SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab, and choose the Site License option, can roll the annual maintenance renewals from the previously owned licenses into the subscription and keep maintenance current at no additional charge. This program is specifically suited to facilities that employ a large, flexible, freelance workforce that ebbs and flows. It is also particularly attractive to rental houses that need to constantly set up systems with new licenses, but don’t want the complexity of managing licenses and hardware dongles.

“This new Site License Subscription is ideal for the rental business,” said Ryan Sheridan, VP Digital Cinema of Otto Nemenz. “Our SCRATCH Lab Advanced Dailies systems are always coming in-and-out of our doors, and no two productions use them the same way. We need to be ready to build new systems, or repurpose our current systems, at a moment’s notice. So it’s great to know that now we can have access to new licenses anytime we need them, without having to de-commission, track dongles and transfer licenses. This new subscription model reflects exactly the new way our clients and the industry need and expect to work.”


All ASSIMILATE customers will have access to a new online portal called MY ASSIMILATE to seamlessly manage their licenses. Easily accessible from

, MY ASSIMILATE allows customers to see which machines their licenses are installed on, extend subscriptions, and renew maintenance and support for any perpetual licenses they may own.

Jeff Edson, CEO of ASSIMILATE, stated, “We’ve been listening to our customers in production and post-production as they’ve consistently told us that their business landscape has changed forever. They tell us they no longer have the luxury of regularly scheduled projects that are planned well in advance. Things are constantly shifting around them, and they need that same flexibility from their partners. Our new Pay-As-You-Use and Site License Subscription program are designed specifically to embrace this new way of working. In fact, this is just the beginning. We envision a cloud-based model that not only removes financial barriers for our customers, but also offers innovative ways to remove obstacles like geographical barriers as well. We’re committed to driving value to our customers every way we can, be it through our world-class support program, our webinars, tutorials and training materials, or this innovative subscription model.”

Pricing and Availability

The Pay-As-You-Use subscription option is available on the ASSIMILATE Store concurrent with the final release of SCRATCH v7 and SCRATCH Lab v7. Pricing for individual license activation will be as follows (all prices include maintenance and support during the activation period):

1 Day – $150
1 Week – $800
1 Month – $2,100
3 Months – $6,000

1 Day – $50
1 Week – $250
1 Month – $650
3 Months – $1,800

The Site License Subscription will also be available concurrent with the release of SCRATCH v7 and SCRATCH Lab v7, and will be priced at $33,000 USD, annually (includes all maintenance and support for the period). The MY ASSIMILATE portal also debuts concurrent with the final release of SCRATCH v7 and SCRATCH Lab v7 and is available free of charge to ASSIMILATE customers who are current on maintenance and support.

See SCRATCH at IBC 2012

ASSIMILATE is offering demos of SCRATCH v7 and SCRATCH Lab v7 at IBC 2012. Customers can book a private demo by e-mailing

• Dates: September 7 – 11, 2012
• Location: The RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Stand number: 7.H11

ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH real-time digital workflow and post-production tools have proven essential to the successful creation of thousands of major studio and independent features, commercials, television shows, music videos and corporate productions. Both SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab, running on Windows and Mac OSX, are the heartbeat of today’s most demanding digital post-production and dailies workflows for 2D and stereo/3D productions.

ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH end-to-end data workflow — from dailies, to conform, color grading, compositing through to finishing — and SCRATCH Lab, a robust dailies or VFX digital pipeline, deliver the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for data-centric digital cinema and episodic television productions for 2D and 3D stereo projects. Both products support multiple formats, including ARRI RAW, Sony F65, Phantom, and Canon 5D, as well as enhanced support RED r.3d at up to 5K resolution and beyond. All versions of SCRATCH and Lab software, running on Mac OS X and Windows 7, feature SDI output via AJA Kona 3G graphics cards, wicked-fast dailies rendering, improved metadata and timecode handling. For the latest film and TV credits, pricing and sales, visit

ASSIMILATE is the premier provider of digital workflow and post-production tools, that have proven essential to the successful creation of thousands of studio and independent features, television shows, music videos and corporate video productions. The company’s SCRATCH products, running on Windows and Mac OS® X, are the heartbeat of today’s most demanding digital post-production and dailies workflows for 2D and stereo 3D productions. They equip directors, DPs and artists with the state-of-the-art, intuitive, data-centric solutions they need to meet the continual challenges of increased creativity and productivity amid ever-shrinking budgets. ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® data-centric DI system, is the most comprehensive, end-to-end cinema and broadcast imaging tool for playback, conform, editing, color grading, compositing and finishing of RED and other digital workflows. SCRATCH Lab® delivers a comprehensive toolset for the review, versioning, color correction, conform and output of on-set or VFX dailies. ASSIMILATE a privately held company, with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA, offices in London, UK, Groningen, NL and Beijing City, CN and markets its products worldwide via a global reseller network. To learn more please visit