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Artistic Image Sweeps The 32nd Annual Telly’s, Garnering Six Awards In The 3D/Graphics Category – Including Top Honours For Its FX-Driven HD Video For Ferrari

Artistic Image

, (AI) Atlanta’s multi award-winning full-service creative/production/CGI company, swept the Telly Awards for the third consecutive year, garnering six awards in the 3D + Graphics Category for a mix of innovate design-driven work at the 2011 event. Partner and director of animation + design

Ed Dye

helmed each project, raising the creative bar with AI’s seamless signature concept-through-completion collaborative approach, which tapped into the company’s full scope of design, CGI, 3D modeling, animation, live-action production, editing, compositing and color correction services.

The Atlanta-based firm took home top honours for its photorealistic animated/CGI multi-screen series of shorts for Ferrari, entitled, “


.” The HD video presentation is the centerpiece of the Ferrari Museum at Ferrari World, a permanent exhibit at Dubailand, the billon–dollar theme park.

Artistic Image also was awarded five Bronze Telly’s for a diverse mix of CGI graphics packages that

included three videos for the

83rd Annual Academy Awards campaign

,an intro for the hit show

‘Temporada De Moda,”

that combines live-action with CGI.

In addition, they earned another Bronze for a CGI/animation-driven teaser, promo, and bumper campaign (



‘Space Station,’


) heralding an event featuring several episodes of TNT/LA’s animated children’s series, “Ben 10.10.10” on the Cartoon Network/LA.

This year’s wins mark Artistic Image’s third consecutive banner year. In 2009 and 2010 the company won a Silver Telly Awards for its original concept, design and execution of a complex FX package also created for the 82nd Academy Awards, as well as a Bronze for the FX package they created for The Golden Globe Awards, both in the Use of Graphics category.

Each of the projects created by Artistic Image was designed to meet the specific needs of their clients, and called upon their collaborative team of artists to devise a wide range of innovative creative approaches and solution.



the challenge to create a photorealistic video short was fuelled by Artistic Image’s collective of artists’ shared passion for all things with horsepower. The team took full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their talents in several highly detailed computer animation video for the world’s premier car to be showcased at Ferarri World in Dubailand, the opulent billion dollar theme park.

Dye’s brought his considerable expertise crafting a long list of spots for high-profile automotive

advertising to the project. Working with Studiocom, AI created realistic rendering of the Ferrari 58 Italia that included a schematic view of the car’s engineering. While the animation is primarily a product showcase, it also infuses a strong narrative element. Using MAYA and After Effects, among other tools, their team created several side-by-side comparisons of Ferrari’s F1 racing car with its street version. The video grasps the imagination of owners of the high-performance car, challenging them to see elements of their street version inside the F1 “Dream” car.

Creating content for a venue that represents the brand, and an audience that will no doubt be Ferrari

fanatics, set the creative bar high. Ferrari is protective of its design and technology, which created a unique challenge for AI’s team: They had to find a way to deliver accurate detailed animation without the benefit of direct references. To work around this, AI built its own catalogue of references, creating the animations and models from photos of Ferrari cars and technology.

“The piece was designed to showcase a world-class car, but it also showcases the range and calibre of AI’s collaborative team of artists, and our ability to seamlessly take high-end productions from concept to completion,” adds Dye.

For the individual videos created for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards package AI’s team was challenged with bringing a ‘first person,’ 3D feel to this year’s campaign, while still maintaining the classic ‘Oscar look’ that has become the show’s signature. Ed Dye’s innovative approach was inspired by the public’s on-going fascination with the celebrity-studded awards show.

“We came up with a concept and design that allowed viewers to experience the event from the perspective of the celebrities, as if they were walking down the red carpet in their shoes. The complex concept demanded some innovative creative-problem solving. The 3D elements that we created had to be built in a manner that allowed us to integrate them into every element of the project and still maintaining a consistent look and feel.”

“As always, Artistic Image was professional, seamlessly accommodated changes as the project evolved, handled every phase of the production, design, editing and finishing and delivered an outstanding Oscar package that was very well received,” noted Patrick Harrington, Senior Creative Manager at TNT Latin America.

The one-stop company utilized its full roster of high-end talent services and technology, including its Adobe Suite, Maya and Mocha for the modeling and animation of the 3D elements. The package was edited on Final Cut Pro and then composited and color corrected it in the Adobe Suite.

For Ben 10.10.10 Artistic Image (AI) created a series of FX-driven opens, teasers and bumpers about a

boy with the ability to morph into alien creatures. AI designed the package to promote a broadcast Cartoon Network/LA’s special event, showcasing several episodes of their animated series.

AI created a concept that takes the show’s essence – the transformative power of the central character – and applies it to the logo, zoning in on what viewers already love about the concept and creating a natural link between that and the universe Artistic Image created.

The company’s team designed and animated eight visually eclectic worlds, from a humming space station to austere, futuristic buildings that hold their own secrets (if you look closely “Ben 10” characters, recurring and debuting, are hidden in the animations to tease the viewer). The design and concept was Artistic Image’s, but there was one caveat: each of these worlds had to transform into the stunt logo at the end.

“After getting a good feel for its audience and tone, we looked for references that would fit the show as well as give us inspiration for a bigger, movie-like title sequence,” explains AI’s owner and director of animation + design Ed Dye. “We presented concepts for the look and feel style frames for “Blocks,” “Tron,” “Buildings,” and “Space Station,” to the client, and how the logo would move in 3D space and ultimately resolve in the established logo at the end.”

Artistic Image’s multi-disciplinary team of artist applied their collaborative approach to the project, using an arsenal of equipment, including the MAYA, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, illustrator, and Final Cut.

Artistic Image

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