The Art of Shaving Presents 'The Brotherhood of Shaving' 2011 Advertising Campaign

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A year following the introduction of The Art of Shaving's highly-successful 'The Brotherhood of Shaving' print and outdoor advertising campaign which established a manifesto for men dedicated to the ritual of achieving the perfect shave, the P&G owned luxury men's grooming brand ups the ante with the introduction of a follow-up campaign that aims to communicate distinct 'Brotherhood' personalities, articulating the values of the brand and a stylish perspective on modern masculinity.

The new advertising campaign, created by BBDO, launches to coincide with celebration of the brand's 15th Anniversary. The new creative builds on the stylish appeal of the original adverts with the introduction of six 'Brothers', each representing male individual archetypes in a post-metro sexual, post-Mad Men world. Each of the six distinct 'Brothers' demonstrate individual lifestyle approaches to a man's daily shaving ritual; The Gentleman Shaver, The Old Soul, The Shaving Savant, The Reformed Troglodyte, The Ambassador of Smooth and The Incurable Romantic. Each of these playful personalities conjures an entertaining insight into men's individual grooming rituals and lifestyle behavior. The campaign is brought to life with poster adverts that showcase each character with a single execution that brings together all six personalities.

The new campaign can be seen in national print publications including G.Q., Details, Men's Health, Esquire, and Out Magazines as well as via targeted outdoor. For this second incarnation of The Brotherhood of Shaving Campaign, the campaign goes beyond print with the production of three stylish short films that highlight the most iconic characters; The Gentleman Shaver, The Ambassador of Smooth and The Reformed Troglodyte. This new sharable video content serves to engage The Art of Shaving's dynamic social media following in partnership with and the brand's Facebook page.

Damon Jones, spokesperson for The Art of Shaving comments; "The Art of Shaving clients are united by their enthusiastic appreciation for the artistry of a traditional barber shave. We believe that this brotherhood of like-minded men will enjoy identifying with the six characters represented in this highly-engaging advertising campaign. Adding a dynamic digital component allows fans to share videos with their personal networks, enabling The Art of Shaving to build a greater level of engagement with our consumers".

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Client: The Art of Shaving

Spot Title(s):

The Reformed Troglodyte


Gentleman Shaver


The Ambassador of Smooth

Air Date: November 2011

Agency: BBDO New York

CCO: David Lubars

Senior CD(s): Kara Goodrich, Cesar Finemori

AD: Cesar Finamori

Copy: Kara Goodrich, Dana Stalker

EP(s): Peter Feldman, Diane Hill

Prod Co: The Institute

Director: Ben Briand

DP: Eigil Bryld

EP(s): Scott Gardenhour

Producer: Kati Haberstock

Editorial Co: jumP

Editor: Michael Saia

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