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Art Machine Designs Critically Acclaimed Cover Box Art for EA’s Game “Dead Space”

Hollywood, CA, Aug. 29, 2008 – Art Machine, a Trailer Park company and a multi-award winning design firm specializing in print campaigns for the entertainment industry, has designed and produced the critically acclaimed box art for client Electronic Arts’ upcoming new videogame “Dead Space.�

“We were honored to get the opportunity to build a piece of artwork that’s getting great press for our clients at EA,� said Patrick Dillon, Art Machine’s Creative Director.

The art for “Dead Space,� a first person outer space shooter game, has been heralded as “best [box art] yet� by Playstation Universe and is helping to generate excitement for the game. Featuring a severed hand floating in space, the artwork invites the gamer to enter the world of the main character Isaac Clarke, who awakens to the horror of a decimated mining ship in outer space, ravaged by aliens.

Below are a number of initial “reviews� of the new “Dead Space� game box artwork which appear on several popular online gaming websites:

** “EA’s upcoming title Dead Space has finally received its official box art unveiling. This outer space third-person shooter looks to provide more than just dismemberment inside the game but outside on the box as well. This makes the box art a fitting tribute to the title and gives gamers a look at what to expect when they play the game inside.â€?

** As for “Dead Space,� the survival-horror space action-shooter, EA released an image of the box art a few days ago and boy is it grim. A severed hand floats in cold space searching for a body to call home. It makes sense when you think about it. The owner is probably dead and it is floating in space. Creative. Creepy, but creative.�

** “Boy, they’re not kidding when they urge you to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, especially not when said vehicle happens to be the Ishimura, “Dead Space’sâ€? monster-infested milieu. Though some might view this trip down the carpal lane as a disturbing warning of what’s to come (and bite your face off) in EA’s outer space horror, we urge you to wrist assured and see the strategically severed hand on the cover box art of “Dead Spaceâ€? beckoning you closer, luring you into a gripping and atmospheric adventure.â€?

** “Looks like EA is going to continue its theme of dismemberment for the box art of “Dead Space.â€? There is indeed something rather simplistic and beautiful about the box art though, despite the fact that it consists of a floating body part beckoning unsuspecting space travelers into a deathtrap. Not exactly kid’s stuff, but horror fans should be in for a treat when Dead Space, whose lead platform is currently the PS3, arrives three days before Halloween on October 28th.â€?


Art Machine, a Trailer Park Company since 2007, is a multi-award winning design firm specializing in print campaigns for the entertainment industry. The firm’s creative services provide support for all aspects of theatrical, home entertainment, publicity, gaming, and cable properties. Its core values of competitiveness, creative excellence, and service integration quickly catapulted the company to its position as a top tier creative print provider. Art Machine’s numerous campaigns have included theatrical and home entertainment work for such hit films as “Planet of the Apesâ€? and the box office franchises “Saw, “X-Menâ€? and “The Fantastic Four.â€? In Summer 2008, Art Machine was selected for the 2008 “Best of Award in Graphic Arts” category by the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Local Business Association. For more information, please see:


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