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Archion Technologies Announces Instant Rebate Program on Avid Unity MediaNetwork Expansion Storage

— The Only Proven Expansion System, Synergy XTR Now Available at Roughly 25% Cost Per Protected (Usable) Terabyte of Avid Storage —

Burbank, CA (October 27, 2011) – With more than five years of experience providing Avid Unity™ MediaNetwork™ expansion storage to thousands of clients worldwide, including such media enterprises as CBS, Fox Sports, Sony, 20th Century Fox and Turner Broadcast,

Archion Technologies

announced today an end user rebate on its

Synergy XTR

storage chassis. The instant $3,000 rebate off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is valid on all 16 terabyte (TB) and 32TB Synergy XTRs purchased between November 1, 2011, and December 16, 2011. Customers must register for the instant rebate code on the

home page

of the Archion website.

The only true option for Avid Unity MediaNetwork users that need to expand their storage capacity now or in the future, Archion’s Synergy XTR — with its patent pending Vdisk™ technology — offers seamless, plug-and-play integration into MediaNetworks storage systems and is certified for versions 4.1x – 5.x.

“We recognize that with tightening budgets, it can be difficult for facilities to acquire the necessary storage capacity to meet the requirements of their growing projects,” said Mark Bianchi, Archion’s Chief Executive Officer. “Incredibly, with this offer, Avid Unity MediaNetwork owners can now save more than 75% per protected TB when adding Synergy storage without any changes to their workflow. Synergy is the only proven option for expanding Unity MediaNetworks, providing strong investment protection.”

“Many Avid customers invested in their Media Engine between 2009 and 2011, often as recently as this past summer,” said Reuben Lima, Chief Operating Officer of Archion. “They deserve the option of expanding their capacity without requiring an expensive, time-consuming forklift upgrade and the risk of media loss.

“Synergy offers simple, quick and seamless integration into Unity, preserving all of its great features, like project sharing and dynamic work spaces,” he continued. “There is nothing new to learn so facilities can keep the proven and widely accepted Avid workflow that promises to be used for years to come by large and small facilities alike.”

Synergy XTR offers simple scalability up to 128TB of usable (RAID 5) protected storage. By eliminating the need to mirror storage or compromise media, Synergy can provide 60% more usable storage than mirroring. If more storage is needed, adding an Archion chassis is quick, easy and cost effective.   

White Paper on Hardware RAID Protection in Avid Unity Environment Available

To summarize the benefits of Synergy, Archion has published a whitepaper – Uncovering the Full Potential of Avid Unity MediaNetworks: Realizing Greater Rewards without the Traditional Risks – that is available


on the Archion website. In addition, a comparison of the two add-on storage chassis — Archion Synergy vs. Avid XT — is available



About Archion

Archion Technologies, based in Burbank, CA, is a leading provider of intelligent networked storage solutions specifically designed for post production and graphic professionals. Founded by a team of post production, technology and entertainment industry professionals in 1999, Archion set out to create a new standard of data protection and performance for those creating video, audio, and graphical content. Since then, Archion’s high-performance storage technology has been critical to the success of hundreds of TV and feature film projects and is prominently used in Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and Pro Tools environments.

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