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Arc 9 Teams Up with Microsoft Office 365 to Simplify Design and Production Team Collaboration

Arc 9 Extends Enterprise-Wide Collaborative Messaging Ecosystem to Creative Design Teams, Digital Agencies and Marketing Teams on the Microsoft Platform

Arc 9 ( today announced it has teamed up with Microsoft Corp. to launch new integration with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity platform that delivers familiar Office applications with enterprise-grade services to organizations of all sizes. With the completion of this integration, Arc 9 is effectively creating a single, unified platform for collaboration, project management, review and approval and social media management for creative, marketing and design teams already on the Microsoft O365 platform. Now all collaborative creative projects originating on the Arc 9 platform automatically appear in users’ Microsoft Office 365 Groups, dramatically simplifying the creative review and approval workflow as well as presentation of all creative content formats for teams across the enterprise.

“We developed Arc 9 as an ecosystem, complete with tools specifically designed to help creative teams be more productive. And the fact is, a significant number of creative design and video productions are being created at the enterprise level and on the Microsoft platform,” said Melissa Davies-Barnett, CEO and founder of Arc 9. “Our strategy at Arc 9 is to create a holistic, global platform in which creative teams can do their best work. And to do that effectively, you not only need the best feature set, but you need to integrate with amazing tools and applications that creative teams need. By integrating directly with Office 365, we’re giving creative teams the collaborative messaging, review and approval and presentation tools they need. It is a pretty huge leap in productivity for these teams. And when creative teams are effectively collaborating together, they create better content.”

Arc 9 + Microsoft Office 365: How it Works

With Arc 9 integrated with Office 365, creative teams have instant access to all original project files and versions, and can compare all of the details associated with that project, such as asset due dates, project due dates, social posting schedules, presentations, and the entire review and approval process. Everything is right at the fingertips of those who need it most. And all within their Office 365 Groups.

Every action, from uploads, review and approvals, versions and presentations from Arc 9 are instantly posted to Office 365 Groups, keeping everything in one place for simple, effective and efficient team collaboration. For more information on how to make the most of Office 365 integration with Arc 9, visit

What is Arc 9?

Arc 9 is a platform for creative teams and their clients to connect, share, review and present visual content – from video projects and films, to animations, photographs, illustrations and documents. All the assets of a creative project — created by teams, reviewed by colleagues and clients — are all stored and shared in an accessible, single, clean platform.

Arc 9 is messaging and collaboration software designed with creatives in mind. We understand that collaboration on creative content is about more than reviewing documents. It’s about having meaningful, actionable conversations around videos, animations, artwork, logos – and documents too.

Pricing and Availability

The Arc 9 platform is available immediately, and is priced on a subscription model basis with multiple options for different collaborative team requirements. A 30 day free trial is available by visiting Detailed plans and pricing are also available by visiting

About Arc 9

We are vfx artists, post production veterans and technologists who share a passion for creating amazing content. But the process for getting from concept to delivery is simply broken. And worse, that process crushes our creativity. So we created Arc 9 – the collaborative ecosystem that exists harmoniously between ideas and the screens on which you experience them, wherever that may be. Arc 9 simply, and elegantly combines every aspect of your creative content management workflow in one place, on one platform. At the end of the day, collaboration is the key to great creative. Create better together with Arc 9. To learn more, please visit, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.