Anonymous Content Follows Delta on Their Quest

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The Brief:

Sorrel Ahlfeld of Anonymous Content documents Delta's diverse group of employees, as well as their global humanitarian efforts in this three minute promo slated to be shown on select Delta flights and airport kiosks. We hear and see the consciences of many Delta employees as they work to make the world a better place through their dedication and efforts to several volunteer opportunities. Delta's Force for Global Good partners with Habitat for Humanity, The Breast Cancer Research Fund, and The Conservation Fund to provide a global scope of just how far we can reach with a helping hand.

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From Anonymous Content Director Sorrel Ahlfeld

One of the things making this project different from my recent commercial work is that it came directly from CAA who represents the Delta brand. It was a new business model in that they came directly to Anonymous looking for execution from start to finish. Since they didn't have a script, I wrote one reflecting what I thought the Force for Global Good would mean to the average Delta passenger. The cool thing about projects in this new realm is that there's a lot of room creatively because when the ideas come in they're not as fully formed as agency projects would be. Editor Megan Brennan from Company X was instrumental in the process. Having been an editor myself, we really tried to shape these stories of charity and goodwill through mood and emotion.

I didn't want it to ever feel like a commercial for Delta. The intention was to create a feeling and a mood through the visual elements and interviews that captured the values of all the Delta employees that work hard to give back to the global community. It was interesting to find that the skills necessary to work with actors on a set transferred well to eliciting honest and compelling moments from non-actors during relaxed interviews. I then tried to take those real elements and build them into a storyline that made sense. It was a great working experience throughout and it especially feels good to have worked on a meaningful project that champions global good works.

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The Credits

Client: Delta
Title: Deltas's Force for Global Good
Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Sorrel Ahlfeld
DP: Tim Metzger
EP: Danielle Peretz
EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Producer: Hillary Rogers
Camera Operator: Dan Sharnoff Gaffer: Sal Interlandi
Sound Mixer: Danny Izen
Production Assistant: Kyle McBeth, Adrian Cohn, Ben Joachim Editorial: Company X, NY
Editor: Megan Brennan
EP: Rachelle Way Post/Effects: Company X
VFX/Inferno Artist: Adam Weiss Music: JEM Music
Composer: Jim Morgan Audio Post: YouTooCanWoo
Mixer: David Perlick-Molinari

About Anonymous Content:

Anonymous Content is an industry-leading production and management firm that leverages its unrivaled reach and access to talent to create and produce innovative content across all its divisions: Film, Integrated, Commercials, Music Video, Television, and Talent.

Anonymous Content was formed in 1999 by a collaboration of business and creative minds responsible for developing some of the industry's most respected entertainment and branded content. In launching the firm, the founders combined their unique talents, distinct vision for the future of content creation, and unmatched industry access. Since then, Anonymous has been able to extend its reach across entertainment, exercising its capacity to package talent and mine literary material from deep and powerful resources.

Company principals have developed longstanding direct relationships with talent, talent agencies, advertising agencies, domestic and international distributors, and broadcasters, reinforcing their ability to assemble the right team for any project. They create compelling and entertaining content while facilitating the development, production, and distribution of programming through both traditional and emerging media channels. The firm is currently in production of an impressive slate of highly-anticipated feature films and is responsible for producing films such as Babel and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Its commercial arm has been part of many of the industry's most successful campaigns, as well being at the forefront of the evolution of brand integration campaigns such as BMW Films. The Anonymous team now consists of more than 100 full-time employees at its Culver City, New York, and London offices.

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