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ALVERNIA Studios Joins the KODAK Imagecare Program

Poland’s ALVERNIA Studios SP is the newest member of KODAK’s Imagecare Program, verifying that the laboratory meets the highest standards for camera negative processing, a Phase I accreditation. This is the first lab in Poland to be certified.

The KODAK Imagecare Program consists of 50 laboratory members in 30 countries. The worldwide processing standards set by Kodak provide assurances to filmmakers when they choose an Imagecare Program accredited laboratory, they know their work will be processed to the highest quality. The rigorous program substantiates that member labs adhere to standard practices, and full documentation of procedures and calibration. Kodak works very closely with laboratory personnel to assure that specified principles are met and maintained.

The ALVERNIA Studios laboratory has been in operation since 2010. It was established and created by Rados?aw Piotrowicz, an outstanding expert in the field of film processing. Ignacy Kalenkiewicz, operations manager for ALVERNIA, states, “We are very happy that our laboratory meets the high criteria of the KODAK Imagecare Program. Becoming a member confirms the world-class level and quality of our facility. Using the Program logo as certification for our services is very important to us, as the patronage of a market leader guarantees customers’ trust.”

“It’s clearly a win-win for both ALVERNIA and Kodak,” says Diane Carroll-Yacoby, worldwide manager of the KODAK Imagecare Program. “The Program helps in staff training and offers tools for lab personnel to become habitually quality conscious.”

Kodak assessor Odile Maugard comments, “The working conditions in the laboratory are excellent, and the procedures are well-scripted and strictly observed, according to the rules of the Program.”

The KODAK Imagecare Program is based on the fundamental principle of self-assessment, because each lab is in the best position to constantly monitor its own standards and to find, and to quickly correct, any deviations from the norm. Admittance is recognition that a laboratory has implemented the many structured procedures and checks required to meet the Program’s tough requirements.

“We’re delighted to welcome ALVERNIA Studios into the Kodak program,” adds Carroll-Yacoby. “Their film processing operations are really first-class, and we’re proud to accredit it as the first KODAK Imagecare Program Camera Negative Processing Laboratory in Poland.”

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