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Almighty Digital Agency Employs Progressive UX Design Approach in New Oxfam America “Lives on the Line” Workers’ Rights Campaign

Almighty, a digital creative agency that specializes in building user-connected experiences for brands, has recently teamed up with nonprofit Oxfam America for the “Lives on the Line” workers’ rights campaign.

Boston, MA – October 29, 2015 Almighty, a digital creative agency that specializes in building user-connected experiences for brands, has recently teamed up with nonprofit Oxfam America for the “Lives on the Line” workers’ rights campaign.

Seeking permanent changes within America’s poultry industry, Oxfam conducted research on the working conditions of the nation’s processing plants from 2013 to 2015, including interviews with current and former poultry workers, worker advocates, attorneys and medical experts. The research culminated in Oxfam’s report, released on October 27, 2015. Tasked with translating the research for a broad public audience as part of Oxfam’s “Lives on the Line” campaign, Almighty worked with Oxfam’s staff to translate 27 hours of video footage, 600-plus images, 21 interview transcripts, statistics and legal documents into a digital experience that educates the public on the inhumane working conditions in U.S. poultry plants and what the American public can do to help drive change.

“‘Lives on the Line’ contains an enormous amount of sensitive, complex information. The challenge was distilling that information down in a way that allowed the urgency around poultry workers’ plight to come to the forefront,” comments Ian Fitzpatrick, chief strategy officer at Almighty. “Oxfam believes very much in the power of the consumer to call for change. So in this case we were able to do our best work by taking complicated information and wrapping it in a narrative that people can engage with on several levels.”

The chaptered experience was designed to provide a holistic view of the story to both the general public and well-informed advocate. It allows readers to dig deeper and discover more through personal accounts, compelling data points and photography. Ultimately, the goal was to provide a clear path for readers to take action and sign a petition that would to demand change by holding the poultry industry accountable for the way they treat their workers.

“This campaign is about people, and elevating the voices and powerful stories of the poultry workers is crucial,” explains Rachel Hayes, Oxfam’s senior director of communications and engagement. “We chose to work with Almighty because we wanted the U.S. public to hear—as we had—from the workers directly. Armed with these stories and an understanding of the power we each have to make sure that companies listen to workers, the public would ensure that these issues would be addressed quickly. Inhumane conditions in poultry plants cause debilitating injuries that leave many workers disabled, unable to work or even unable to hold their children. Bringing these stories to consumers was critical. By partnering with Almighty, we were able to create an online experience that captures the essence of poultry workers’ struggles, informing the general public about the unjust treatment of workers, and what the public can do to help create lasting change.”

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About Oxfam

Oxfam America is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger and injustice. We save lives, develop long-term solutions to poverty and campaign for social change. As one of 17 members of the international Oxfam confederation, we work with people in more than 90 countries to create lasting solutions. To join our efforts or learn more, go to

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