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ALIBI Shares 5 Distinct Production Music Playlists for Right Now

Change, fear, empowerment… attack of the Karens. For editors scoring projects shaped by all things 2020, ALIBI Music has an answer in five distinct playlists crafted especially for right now. Each offers unique, versatile tracks, stems and alt versions that vibe to a particular feel, all from talented professional composers and artists from around the world.

“If I could put our collective 2020 experience to music, it might sound something like this,” explained Julia Trainor, ALIBI’s Head of Sync A&R. “So why not share it with those being tasked to edit promos, trailers, ads, videogames and other content influenced by where we are today?”

“Time for Change” is one of ALIBI’s 5 production music playlists for Right Now.

ALIBI’s five playlists for Right Now include:

  • Time For Change– No more excuses… it’s time to do the right thing. This playlist speaks to the times, reflecting the empowerment of people to take action in making the change they want to see. It’s a blend of anthem-like songs, inspiring music, heroic orchestral and overcoming-the-odds ballads. LISTEN HERE
  • Hype Drums– And what better way to motivate audiences into action than with cool, exciting, hype-building drums? Those editors looking for a drum-powered rallying call will find this playlist essential. LISTEN HERE
  • Horror With a Twist – Some of the most memorable horror promos and spots are those that take a known song (“Happy Birthday”) or sound (kids’ laughter or Christmas bells) and turn it on its head in a creepy way for the ultimate chill factor. And, let’s face it. We’re living in scary times. If the Coronavirus had sounds, it would be this playlist. LISTEN HERE
  • Music For Karen – I need to speak to the manager! If “Karen” could be defined in music, this is it… a collection of cheesy oldies that, like a Karen train wreck, you can’t stop cringing to. LISTEN HERE
  • Music Not For Karen– And for the rest of us, ALIBI is pleased to share some of our coolest new tracks. LISTEN HERE 

ALIBI’s production music and sound design have been used in such projects as Kia’s summer blockbuster parody, the acclaimed Netflix series Dark Desire, and the promo for USA’s Dirty John Betty, among thousands of others.

Founded in 2011, ALIBI Music is a leading provider of music and sound effects for license in advertising, trailers, promos, programming, video games and all other forms of multimedia content. The company’s expertly curated catalogs are produced and structured especially for storytelling, with high-quality, searchable tracks, alternate mixes and stems delivering clients robust versatility. For more information, please visit or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.