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ALIBI Releases 8 New Albums of Production Music

ALIBI Music Library has released 8 new albums of production music for its clients in television, film, advertising, streaming and video games. The music was created by a talented mix of professional composers and artists around the world, is edited for optimum versatility and features stems, cutdowns and alt mixes.

Recognizing that #NothingStopsCreativity, ALIBI Music Library (“ALIBI”) has released eight new albums of production music for use by its clients in the television, film, streaming, advertising and video game industries. The newly added tracks – from a talented mix of professional composers and artists around the world – are edited for optimum versatility and feature stems, cutdowns and alt mixes.

With genres including hip-hop, rap, rock, indie pop, dance, electronic orchestral and rhythms, ALIBI’s newest production music choices capture a range of emotions, making them ideal for everything from promos, trailers and ads to programming, sports and esports. Check them out:

  • Epic Hip Hop 3 – The highly anticipated third edition of an ALIBI favorite, this is the soundtrack for warriors of all shapes and sizes! Big, bad, bold confidence with over-the-top orchestral action and fearless lyrics to back up your legendary story.
  • Diva Rap 2 – By popular demand, this is the sequel to ALIBI’s Diva Rap 1, which was used in the beginning of HBO’s “Insecure.” Think fierce female swag to outswag all swag. Party pop rap to ride to, party to, chill to backing up your woman boss story.
  • Warm Pop Rock – The soundtrack to sunny days in the park and summer joy. Inspiring indie pop rock folk tinged songs with messages of hope love and freedom to back up your “dreamers” story.
  • Mysterious Pop – Sultrily soulful soundtrack to the end of times. Brooding soulful hauntingly gorgeous melancholic collection of anthem-like songs with female vocals and words of fear and hope. A genre that was blown open by Lorde’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” cover six years ago and never stopped!
  • Uplifting Future Bass – Raving even harder to the joy fantastic. The ultimate dance party release of joyfully energetic good feelings songs. The audio version of molly to back up your modern, fun-inspiring story.
  • Party Pop – Good vibes all joined together to party on this soundtrack to fun. Soulfully fun, lively and happy party pop to back up your celebration of life story. A crossover sound in all modern music (pop, hip hop, alternative), brass has a universal fun feel.
  • Hybrid Action 2 – One hero could save them all. That hero is Hybrid Action 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the heavily used Hybrid Action, including over-the-top hybrid electronic orchestral-intense trailer cues to back up your saving-the-world story.
  • Epic Foley Rhythms – Clicks, clangs, bangs and metallic screams rhythmically orchestrated into the most intense collection of sound design action cues to date. Heart-pounding dramatic adrenaline-inducing noise to back up your action/thriller/sci fi/hero story.

Founded in 2011, ALIBI Music Library is a leading provider of music and sound effects for license in advertising, trailers, promos, programming, video games and all other forms of multimedia content. The company’s expertly curated catalogs are produced and structured especially for storytelling, with high-quality, searchable tracks, alternate mixes and stems delivering clients robust versatility. It’s your story. We’re here to back it up! For more information, please visit or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.