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ALIBI Music Unveils 4 New Albums from its Exclusive ATX Catalog for Series Launch Promos & Trailers

ALIBI Music has announced the release of four new albums from its exclusive ATX catalog for high-end series launch promos and film trailers. Composed by an echelon of talented professional musicians from around the world, this newest production music brings editors a commanding sonic backdrop for projects ranging from dark, heroic drama and cinematic action to sci-fi and twisted thrillers.

ALIBI ATX’s “Vigilante,” one of 4 new albums released for use in high-end TV series launch promos and film trailers.

“With series launch promos, a powerful and lasting first impression is everything. It’s about arming editors with exquisitely mastered tracks, stems and alt mixes that are both moving and memorable,” explained Sam Wale, ALIBI’s Vice President, Creative Production. “These four new albums were expressly produced to tease stories viewers won’t want to miss.”


  • Vigilante – Dark heroic drama… featuring the work of eight top collaborating composers for a true diversity of sound, this album was created with Marvel and DC trailers in mind, with a particular nod to those darker superheroes and villains. LISTEN HERE
  • Magna Carta– This album delivers cinematic, action-drama sound composed by Rafaël Frost, a first-time collaborator with ALIBI whose unique, initial concept pitch stood out. From menacing and mysterious to heartwarming and heroic, this wonderfully diverse release fuses epic orchestral themes with modern electronic elements and sound design, lending itself to a wide range of TV series and movie genres. LISTEN HERE
  • Radiance – Serving up heavy drama with a strong sci-fi/action undertone, this is a cinematic hybrid composed by longtime ALIBI collaborator Jeff Dodson, who describes the album as organic drums hitting with huge, vintage synths processed with modern spectral effects and glued together with powerful, motivating orchestral melodies. LISTEN HERE
  • Manufactura – Also composed by Jeff Dodson, this is a heavy industrial album with a hard, ridiculously dark sound ideal for supremely twisted trailers that want a synthetic drive. LISTEN HERE

ALIBI’s production music and sound design have helped to promote such notable projects as “Frozen 2,” “The Walking Dead” video game and Netflix series “The Woods,” among thousands of others.

Founded in 2011, ALIBI Music is a leading provider of music and sound effects for license in advertising, trailers, promos, programming, video games and all other forms of multimedia content. The company’s expertly curated catalogs are produced and structured especially for storytelling, with high-quality, searchable tracks, alternate mixes and stems delivering clients robust versatility. For more information, please visit or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.