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ALIBI Music Library Produces Nine New SFX Albums for Promos, Trailers, Commercials & Content

ALIBI has announced the release of nine new sound FX albums for use in promos, trailers, commercials and other content.

Expanding its already-extensive sound effects (SFX) catalog for TV promos, film trailers, commercials and other content, ALIBI Music Library  has released nine new albums spanning more than 800 easy-to-search audio files. The Stabs FX and Simple Sexy FX series were developed to both simplify and enrich the editing process, providing high-quality, custom-designed SFX with multiple stems for robust flexibility.

Composed by ALIBI’s Kent Carter, Stabs FX features four new albums of stabs in each key and versions in major, minor, unison and cluster chords that are ideal for use in horror and comedy promotion. These SFX recognize and respond to a growing need for trailer and promo editors to have bread-and-butter stabs as part of their toolkits, a notion that first came to ALIBI Music Director Julia Trainor during a custom job for “The Addams Family” (2019).

“Our client needed a simple dramatic choir hit for their trailer, which we provided, and that segued into the idea of building out this incredible selection of stabs in different keys and sonorities, along with stems for the ultimate flexibility while mixing,” Carter said. “It’s all about making things as easy as possible for editors.”

Simple Sexy FX, composed by Rainfall’s Jeff Dodson, feature five new albums of high-quality, everyday SFX usable in almost any promo or trailer. Drilling down on the basic, most-needed sounds – Simple Subs, Simple Booms, Simple Whooshes, Simple Pings and Simple Bass Drops – this collection was designed to be a true go-to offering for editors.

“It actually began as a joke, as one of our most successful and frequently used FX is called ‘Sub Simple Sexy,’ which is like… ridiculously popular,” explained Dodson. “So we endeavored to fill a niche and create an entire toolkit from all we’ve learned of simple FX that are well-produced and hit huge – the basics that every editor needs I one large series.”

With custom sound design and rich layering, the Simple Sexy FX albums are filled with BIG sounds and the flexibility for which ALIBI has become known. Like the Stabs FX series, these FX are a response to ALIBI’s ongoing dialogue with editors, honing in on their most-requested FX to provide a versatile series that makes their jobs easier.

ALIBI’s music and sound design has helped to promote such notable projects as blockbusters “Avengers: Endgame,” “Ad Astra” and “Terminator: Dark Fate,” among thousands of others.