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ALIBI Celebrates 1,000th Production Music Album

ALIBI's Stomps and Claps 3 is a fresh, modern take on the company’s first-ever production music album release.

ALIBI Music is celebrating the milestone of its 1,000th production music album, Stomps and Claps 3. The new release brings ALIBI back full circle, paying homage to the company’s first-ever album with a fresh, modern take. Listen to it HERE.

ALIBI Music’s 1,000th production music album, Stomps and Claps

It was 2012 when ALIBI released Stomps and Claps (ALIBI001), a collection of raw, gritty and anthemic rock tracks driven by powerful stomp and clap rhythms. These tracks have since been used in countless trailers and promos over the last several years and are still licensed today. That debut album was the inspiration for other releases, which have come to define the iconic sound for which ALIBI is now known.

“Holy sh#t! How did we get this far??” laughed ALIBI Music founder/executive producer Jonathan Parks, who had composed half of the original album’s tracks. “In all seriousness, I look back on all the work we’ve put into reaching this point, and I cannot think of a more fitting way to mark the milestone of ALIBI’s 1,000th release than to revisit this theme in creating a third instalment to the series.”

In addition to its fresh take on the genre and signature production style, Stomps and Claps 3 features several of the exceptional composers considered ALIBI’s core team, a small group that has worked closely with the company for many years, some even before ALIBI’s official launch. Such composers include Darius Holbert, Jeff Dodson, James Murray, Ben Hayden, Guy Jones, Jesse Billson, Kent Carter and Sam Wale.

Inspired by artists such as Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, The Lumineers and Florence & The Machine, the album features a diverse range of powerful, inspiring and motivating tracks for commercials, promos and movie trailers.

ALIBI’s production music has been used in the trailers for Netflix’s Lupin, STARZ’s American Gods and IFC Films’ The Nest, among thousands of others.

About ALIBI Music
Founded in 2011, ALIBI Music is a leading provider of music and sound effects for license in advertising, trailers, promos, programming, video games and all other forms of multimedia content. The company’s expertly curated catalogs are produced and structured especially for storytelling, with high-quality, searchable tracks, alternate mixes and stems delivering clients robust versatility. It’s your story. We’re here to back it up! For more information, please visit or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.