Alcorn McBride Showcases New and Expanded Product Lines at InfoComm 2017

Alcorn McBride will showcase its new RidePlayer, the expanded V-Page product line and the AES67-compatible Binloop family in Booth 3911 at InfoComm 2017, June 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center.
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Alcorn McBride will showcase its new RidePlayer, the expanded V-Page product line and the AES67-compatible Binloop family in Booth 3911 at InfoComm 2017, June 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center.

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RidePlayer, a complete on-board audio and control solution for themed entertainment, makes its debut at InfoComm.  It is ideally suited for dark rides, parade floats, tour vehicles and roller coaster applications.

RidePlayer’s state-of-the-art design precisely synchronizes on-board audio with wayside audio, video, lighting and animatronics.  By integrating the power of the industry-leading Alcorn McBride show control core into the same hardware platform, RidePlayer can remotely control and monitor just about any device.  This includes devices commonly used on vehicles like PLCs, RFID scanners, track sensors, and much more.  Its solid-state, rugged design ensures years of 24/7 maintenance-free operation in high-vibration environments. 

RidePlayer’s audio playback system can source up to 16 outputs of high-quality 24-bit 96kHz uncompressed audio.  With advanced features like polyphonic playback and integrated DSP, it can even route, mix, and crossfade between multiple tracks.  The integrated line outputs, built-in amplifiers, and 16x16 AES67/Dante network audio interface allow this product to connect directly to speakers and other audio equipment while greatly reducing the weight, power consumption, and cost that other components would typically add to the vehicle.

Alcorn McBride’s V-Page line provides a flexible easy-to-use paging and intercom solution that integrates seamlessly into themed attractions.  The expanded family of products now includes the VP4 for simple 4-zone paging; the VP12I for 12-zone intercom applications; and the VP12P for 12-zone paging.  There are even kits available that can be used to create custom paging and intercom panels with up to 32 zones, making this product perfect for consoles and retrofits of existing paging and intercom systems.

To simplify installation and greatly reduce the learning curve, V-Page is configured and controlled using a QSC Q-SYS™ Core processor  With basic knowledge of the Q-SYS Platform installers and technicians can easily deploy any V-Page system.  With an integrated Q-SYS plugin, it is a snap to ‘link’ V-Page stations to the Q-SYS Core processors and assign paging zones and intercom ring zones through Q-SYS Designer Software  You can even use this plugin to monitor V-Page stations remotely in real-time to ensure proper operation without physically touching each station.  This greatly reduces design/integration labor and the amount of training required to install and maintain the attraction.

The V-Page paging models each come with a durable high-quality microphone; the intercom models all include a rugged handset with magnetic hang-up sensor for dependable day-to-day operation.

Additionally, Alcorn McBride’s family of synchronous A/V players will be shown at InfoComm.  A/V Binloop, A/V Binloop HD and A/V Binloop Uncompressed now offer optional AES67 network audio output cards for optimal compatibility.

About Alcorn McBride:

Founded in 1986, Alcorn McBride is the leading manufacturer of show control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry, and a rapidly growing provider of audio and video systems for retail environments and transportation applications.  Staffed by some of the industry’s best engineers and backed by outstanding customer support, the company has demonstrated great agility in bringing new designs to market.  A hallmark of Alcorn McBride products is their durable, zero maintenance design.  The company’s products provide consistent, reliable operation for audio and video playback applications worldwide.  For more information, visit

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