Aguru Images and XYZ-RGB Announce Strategic Partnership

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Aguru Images, a provider of innovative image capture devices announced a strategic partnership with XYZ-RGB, a developer of 3D scanning solutions. The two companies have complementary technologies and plan to jointly produce a unified 3D capture solution for the entertainment market. “This partnership exploits the very best of XYZ-RGB’s high resolution scanning and Aguru Images’ texture and color capture technologies,� said Craig Miller, Founder and CTO, Aguru Images. “We recently worked together on a studio feature film and it was like chocolate and peanut butter—great individually, but amazing together� “The Aguru Images Dome light stage technology offers an incredibly innovative solution for achieving true-to-life digital doubles and combined with XYZ-RGB’s scanning technologies, offers filmmakers a very compelling way to capture real world materials, props and humans in 3D,� said Helmut Kungl, CEO, XYZ-RGB Inc. The Aguru Dome™ offers the very highest standard in color and material property measurement, producing superior true-to-life computer generated digital doubles and other real world materials. The Aguru Dome is a production proven solution having been used on the sets of blockbuster films for measurement of faces, heads and many other objects for digital reproduction of actors and materials. The newly released Aguru Dome 2 automatically derives a host of additional detailed information from a performer or scanned object, including diffuse, specular, RGB diffuse normal, and specular normal maps for more accurate digital depictions. XYZ-RGB uses proprietary imaging technologies to provide high quality 3D scanning solutions, including: an auto-synchronized non-contact laser scanning technology developed by the National Research Council of Canada, numerous high speed structured light scanners for high speed acquisition, photogrammetry for large FOV’s and high-speed 4D data acquisition at frame rate speeds. Additionally, these scanning techniques allow for the simultaneous capture of diffuse color with pixel to object registration.


XYZ-RGB was founded in 2001 by a core team of 3D imaging specialists with over 50 years combined experience. With over a dozen in-house scanning solutions, XYZ-RGB is able to exceed all 3D scanning requirements for film, animation, manufacturing, inspection and reverse engineering applications. In 2004 the company was nominated for an Academy “Technical Achievement Award� for numerous high-resolution scanning services that helped push the visual realism on many of Hollywood’s blockbuster films, such as: The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King and King Kong to name a few. XYZ-RGB continues to provide the pinnacle in 3D scanning related data for film and next generation applications as recently seen in Batman, 300, Jumper, Tiger Woods 2008 and Lair for the PS3. For more information please visit the company website at

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About Aguru Images

Aguru Images was founded in 2007 to commercialize and market innovative image capture devices developed at and licensed from USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies and NYU’s Courant Institute. The company’s advanced capture technologies reduce the time, cost and complexity required to develop photo-real computer generated recreations of people and objects for use in film, game, animation, multimedia and design industries. Aguru Images has offices in Rockville, Maryland with a satellite office in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit

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