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Africa’s Giant Crocodiles Filmed in 3D

Botswana, Africa – 3D Film Factory has been commissioned for the third time to supply 3D camera systems and professional stereoscopic services to Fosters Brothers Productions in order to complete their 3D wildlife documentary. Once again the crew will venture into the wetlands of Botswana, Africa to track the giant, man-eating crocodiles both above and below water.

“Africa is a place of wonderment for me. It’s great to go back. There’s nothing like filming animals in stereoscopic 3D, as long as I’m not getting in the water with the crocodiles,” stated the company’s director of stereographer Keith Driver. “Working with the Foster Brothers is a rewarding experience. Their knowledge and passion for wildlife makes it that much more exciting. I’m just there to make sure the 3D is – memorable and comfortable.”

The 3D production team will be on location for 2 weeks utilizing the 3D Film Factory’s 3D-BS Indie (beam-splitter) and 3D-SS Pro (side-by-side) rigs, to capture the animals feeding in their natural environment. Along with the 3D mirror box rig, the crew will rely on a pair of Sony Hi-Def EX3 cameras and Cine-Tal’s Davio, a real-time 3D viewing system. In addition, they’ll employ the use of modified jib arms, 3D underwater housing units, as well as, specialty 3D support gear.

The intent is to uncover the unusual relationship between one of earth’s most ancient predators and his intruding neighbor – man. In Africa, this complex relationship can sometimes seem to defy the boundaries of the natural world. For the crew, this means having to get precariously close to a very dangerous, sometimes unpredictable beast.

About the Foster Brothers
The Fosters’ Brothers (Damon & Craig) have traveled extensively, living and working in remote villages and wilderness areas throughout Africa. Their primary intent lies in telling important stories with the voice of Africa herself and creating film experiences that enable the viewer to gain an intense and deep insight into the natural and cultural dynamics of this ancient continent. Since 2000, the two brothers have produced 10 award-winning documentary films for National Geographic, TBS, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel. This is their first stereoscopic 3D film.

About the 3D Film Factory
The 3D Film Factory is a leader professional 3D camera systems and real-time stereoscopic viewing solutions for independent filmmakers. Developed by award-winning filmmakers and veteran stereographers, the 3D Film Factory offers a full line professional, high-quality beam-splitter and side-by-side 3D rigs. 3DFF rigs are designed to accommodate a wide range of professional HD cameras, including Arri Alexa, Red One, Epic, Sony F3, Sony EX3, Sony F800, Canon 105, Canon 305, Canon 5D, Canon 7D and a broad range of camcorders, compact HD cameras and all DSLR cameras. In addition they’re a complete, full-service 3D production company, to include; 3D camera rig rental, stereographers ‘for hire’, 3D post solutions, exhibition, as well as, monthly 3D training workshops. Former clients include ESPN, NASA, Disney, HD Cinema, Pinewood Studios, and Discovery. Visit