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Acclaimed Commercial Production Company BIG DEAHL Now Offers Post Production, And Provides Comprehensive Services for New Eggland’s Best Eggs Campaign on Behalf of Client Calcium

BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS is an acclaimed commercial production company that works with national and international clients in Tabletop and Live Action film.

Chicago, IL, February 17, 2015 — BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS, an acclaimed commercial production company, and home to David Deahl and Todd Klein, among the Top Tabletop directors in the U.S., has formally added post production services to its client offerings. Concurrently, the company has just completed a new campaign, entitled “EB Living,” for Eggland’s Best Eggs, through client Calcium.  BIG DEAHL was responsible for everything from production to post production to final deliverables for the new campaign, finishing 9 spots in total:  2-30’s, 3-15’s and 4-10’s.  

East Coast-based Eggland’s Best Eggs and their ad agency, New York City-based Calcium, retained BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS for the new Eggland’s campaign. Regarding BIG DEAHL’s work, Calcium’s Chief Creative Officer Steve Hamburg, said, “Working with the gang at BIG DEAHL is simply the best. Their level of skill, professionalism, creativity and collaborative spirit is unmatched in my experience. They committed strongly and passionately to this job. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do in our next collaboration.”

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Currently, BIG DEAHL is also providing production and post services for an upcoming new campaign for Nestlé. Those details will be announced shortly. Similar full-service work on a recent campaign for Sizzlers also helped inspire the founders of BIG DEAHL to add post production services to their client offerings. 

Dave Holdsworth, Eggland’s Best Eggs Brand Manager, has revealed that the “EB Living” campaign earned’s highest Ace Score – 661– of all the ads that ran before this year’s Super Bowl. According to that respected ad/marketing website, “The new campaign, which focuses on the company’s fresh product – eggs – does a superb job of depicting some tasty visuals while also informing consumers about Eggland’s product offerings and quality.” 

Adds one consumer surveyed by about the new campaign, “This ad made me hungry for an omelet! I like that the ad focused on how Eggland’s Best Eggs are better than other brands, and it also told me why they are better. The visuals of the different egg dishes looked delicious, and the ad felt warm, inviting and comfortable. This was a very pleasant ad to watch.” 

Regarding his company’s expanded services, David Deahl said, “The U.S. market has recently undergone a transition in which many post houses have opened production arms, thus vertically integrating production services. Asian markets have operated in this way for decades. However, less often, we hear about a production company adding post production into their mix. I have long been a director who spearheads projects from production through to final deliverables. To accommodate the growing demands of our clients, we have decided to evolve BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS by now formally offering post production work – complementing our work in production – to those clients in need of our comprehensive services.” 

“Vertical integration represents significant cost savings and efficiencies that BIG DEAHL is very excited to now be officially offering to our clients,” adds Rosemary Deahl, Executive Producer, BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS. “Whether it’s just production or an entire project through to final deliverables, our unique ability to act as a one-stop shop not only creates significant cost savings for our clients, but also ensures that the same creative team will see things through from beginning to end. Our award-winning, in-house directors David Deahl and Todd Klein have proven expertise in this industry. They serve as the ‘Guardians’ of every project we take on, while always ensuring that the artistic vision and integrity of each client is protected.”


Client: Eggland’s Best Eggs

Eggland’s Best Brand Manager: David Holdsworth

Eggland’s Best Head of Marketing: Charlie Lanktree

Ad Agency: Calcium, New York 

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Hamburg

Writer: Steve Hamburg

Art Director: Steve Hamburg

Production Art Director: BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS

Producers: Steve Hamburg & BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS

Production & Post Production Credits: 


Director: David Deahl

Executive Producer: Rosemary Deahl



Music: Catfish 


Launched in Chicago in 1973, BIG DEAHL PRODUCTIONS is an acclaimed commercial production company that works with both national and international clients in Tabletop and Live Action film. Since its formation, the company has been dedicated to creating a fun and collaborative environment by which to craft powerfully original and visually stunning work. 

Offering an all-encompassing facility that combines large studio space with the latest technologies and equipment, BIG DEAHL is able to oversee all aspects of production, allowing for the most creative flexibility, innovation, and ease to fit the needs of any project. In addition, the company now offers its clients a comprehensive range of post production services. 

BIG DEAHL serves as the studio home of renowned directors and cinematographers David Deahl and Todd Klein, with a production staff helmed by veteran Executive Producer Rosemary Deahl. For more information, please visit:

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