Academy and Emmy Award-Nominated Documentary Director Chooses Shared Storage from Small Tree

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Kirby Dick

, an Academy and Emmy Award-nominated documentary director, best known for his work on This Film is Not Yet Rated, The Invisible War and Twist of Faith, selected Small Tree's TitaniumZ-8 shared storage system for installation at Chain Camera Pictures in Los Angeles. After the successful implementation of the TitaniumZ-8 in the editing suite at Chain Camera Pictures, Dick purchased another

Small Tree

system for installation in his office located about a quarter of a mile away.

Offering the right levels of storage capacity and connectivity to keep creative professionals working efficiently, TitaniumZ-8 is built on an operating system that was customized to be easy to use, feature-rich and reliable, while performing at a high level. Customers can choose from an eight-drive system with 2TB drives or up to an 80-drive system with 4TB drives. Both Small Tree systems with Dick and Chain Camera Pictures offer 32 TBs of storage and are configured to accommodate 6 GbE clients. "We were using an older RAID system for storage and were in desperate need of an upgrade," Dick stated. "Prior to installing the Small Tree systems we were duplicating media and creating up to 3 TBs of hard drive backups each week. Now with the server-based solution we don't have to do that, which is far more efficient for me and my team." One of the most attractive features of the TitaniumZ-8 to Dick and his team is the system's flexibility in working across multiple protocols (AFP, SMB, NFS and iSCSI) and platforms, including Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Apple Final Cut Pro X. The team had been working with Final Cut 7, but is currently shifting to Adobe Premiere. In addition to its flexibility, the TitaniumZ-8's scalability played an important part in the decision to purchase this solution. "While we're kind of a boutique documentary production company, when you get in the thick of a project and start bringing in someone for art or to archive material, you want to have the capability to introduce additional seats as needed," Dick said. "With the Small Tree appliances, I know that we'll be able to add to our current configuration easily and cost-effectively." TitaniumZ-8 provides high-performance sharing, quickly and directly from the RAID, features simplified setup and management, and RAID protection for multimedia editing, and includes Small Tree's industry-leading tech support. Configurable with up to 20 10GbE ports or 24GbE ports with storage capacities (raw) from 10TB to 320TB, TitaniumZ-8 can be upgraded on site through advanced ZFS technology, which enables servers to seamlessly integrate newly added storage while keeping existing files intact. For more information about Small Tree's TitaniumZ-8 or any of its growing line of shared storage and networking products, visit

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