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Oh, mornings. Some are easier than others. But after months of personal-goal setting, monk-like habits, and full-body soreness, the waking up process is just a small obstacle for runners of The ING New York City Marathon. NYC and London-based VFX studio Absolute captures the big day, its star athletes and their devoted followers-from volunteers, to cheerleader parents, to youthful, party-spectators-- in this narrative-driven, direct-to-client campaign for New York Road Runners via Sandwick Media.





, split screen narratives chronicle a day-in-the-life of NYC Marathon runners and their supporters starting with the sleepy, not-so easy moments of the 6 a.m. wake-up call. As the spot's energetic music picks up, so too does the momentum of the day, and the marathon-goers get their caffeine fix, head out the door and make it to the race to either participate, lend a hand, or cheer on their respective family members.


presents just one other way to participate in the marathon: An all-out, indoor celebration with friends. As the spot opens on the same dedicated marathoner's pre-marathon ritual, a youngster sluggishly wakes up in bed and moves to the kitchen, where he starts prepping finger foods for his afternoon apartment gathering. His buddies arrive in high spirits, ready to cheer on the runners from the couch with a cold beer in hand.

Flashing forward post-marathon,

Day After

follows various New York runners heading back to work with geriatric-like stiffness from the race. The intimate yet hilarious spot freezes the frame on runners during moments of physical limitation-- struggling to put jeans on, walking down stoop stairs backwards, getting into cabs with legs outstretched, hobbling down hallways at work, maneuvering through subway turnstiles and just barely making the closing elevator doors- as a stop clock simultaneously appears above their heads, gloriously displaying their names and their final times.

New York Road Runners, Inc.
New York Road Runners, Inc.
New York Road Runners, Inc.

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Client: New York Road Runners, Inc.

Spot Title(s):

Volunteers, Fans, Party, Day After

Air Date: November 2010

Prod Company: Sandwick Media

Director: Paul Riccio

DP: Derek McKane

Producer: Claire Pacacha

Editorial: Peepshow

Editor: Sarah Harvey (



Editor: Richard Mettler (

Day After, Volunteers


Editor: Gary Knight (



EP: Deborah Sullivan

Post/Effects: Absolute Post

VFX Artist: James Cornwell

EP: Sally Heath

Producer: John Skeffington

Telecine Co: Absolute Post

Colorist: James Cornwell

EP: Sally Heath

Producer: John Skeffington

Music: Amber Music

Song Title: "A Good Day for a Jog"

Composer: Soundmakers (Shiri Hadar & Ran Shem Tov)

EP: Michelle Curran

Sound Design: The Royal T Room

Sound Designer: T. Terressa Tate

About Absolute

Founded in 2004 by David Smith, one of the world's leading Flame artists, Absolute is a high-end VFX studio working within the commercial, emerging media, music video, and film communities. With offices in New York and London, Absolute over the years has collected numerous industry accolades including two BTAA awards, a D&AD pencil, a Cannes Lion, an APA Collection Diamond, three Andy wins and an MTV video statue. The New York office opened in 2007, helmed by CD Dirk Greene, to further facilitate Absolute's international client roster with a growing Flame and CG service.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA) trustcollective.com



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