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9/11 Conspiracy Thriller ABLE DANGER Premieres in Color on Amazon VOD

Digital Orthochromatic Process Creates Innovative ‘Film Noir’ Look

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, April 27, 2009 – The conspiracy in Paul Krik’s independent thriller ABLE DANGER has been revealed in a whole new light for the first time in color as the April Indie Exclusive on Amazon Video-On-Demand (VOD), and soon to hit other online outlets such as iTunes, Jaman and more. ABLE DANGER, which opened to critical acclaim during its theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles last fall, conjures an homage to classic film noir in a post-911 digital age through an innovative new ‘orthochromatic’ process, which now reaches its core audience via the web through this cutting-edge VOD service at


In preparation for photography, Krik and cinematographer Charles Libin approached the production and lighting design in black and white and shades of grey. A black and white orthochromatic digital master was created in Spectre by Nice Shoes’ Chris Ryan, a top colorist, who has done all the color grading of the Criterion Collection’s films on DVD.

For photography on ABLE DANGER, all data was recorded. The green channel was primarily viewed on the set monitor with a touch of color periodically referenced. Color correction was done in two stages. First at Nice Shoes with Ryan, Krik created the ‘digital orthochromatic’ master. The green/blue layer was very stark in black and white and brought out the film’s stars’ (Adam Nee’s and Elina Löwensohn’s) eyes. A bit of glow was added to replicate the bloom as found with older uncoated lenses. The gamma was bent to thin out the midtones. The orthochromatic process and effect of uncoated lenses both combined to recreate a look found in the noirs of the 1940s and 1950s.

This ortho-layer was composited with a desaturated color correction done by Krik in Final Cut & Color. The blush of color introduces additional detail into the highlights, bringing humanity to the skin tones. Surveillance and dream sequences were treated separately. The many onscreen screens were individually created with each set having its own color and character.

ABLE DANGER is the story of Thomas Flynn, a Brooklyn 9/11 truther (Nee), who falls into a noir pastiche when a mysterious Eastern European beauty (Löwensohn), arrives at his bookstore-café with irrefutable proof of American secret intelligence involvement in the planning and execution of 9/11. When Thomas is implicated in the murder of his friend and employee, he’s forced to unravel her complex web of lies while attempting to fight his natural attraction to her. As it turns out, she possesses the Able Danger hard-drive, the smoking gun that proves the identities and methods of the real architects of 9/11, and Thomas is willing to risk everything to expose the truth. The film gets its title from the real secret government program of the same name that destroyed 2.5 terabytes of data in March 2001, and the café featured is based on the very real Brooklyn café for radical readers, Vox Pop.

With a Masters Degree in existential philosophy and a background in TV commercials, recently known for his Kanye West mock-infomercial viral, Krik has created ABLE DANGER, his first feature film. It blazed the festival circuit last year starting at International Film Festival Rotterdam where it made its World Premiere in a 400-seat theater, selling out all three nights. ABLE DANGER was the Opening Night Film at last year’s Brooklyn International Film Festival, where it received Outstanding Achievement in Production. It later screened at the Cannes Film Market and American Film Market, and was an Official Selection at the Transylvania, Philadelphia, Pifan (Korea) & Warsaw film festivals.

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