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7th Annual Poppy Jasper Film Announces Accepted Films

Today, Donna Brodsky, Co-Chairperson of the Poppy Jasper Film Festival (PJFF), announced the acceptance of the following 46 films which will be screened at the festival November 12 – 14, 2010. Tickets will be available at

and Booksmart located at 80 E 2nd St, Morgan Hill, California. Additionally, two invited films will be shown during the Festival.


“Abidjan”. Filmmaker: Alexander AE Etseyatse
A selfish young soccer player from Brooklyn visits his mother’s African homeland.

“Aces Over Eights”. Filmmaker: Christopher Morgan
A home inspector discovers a crime scene which points to him as the prime suspect.

“All Day Yeah”. Filmmaker: Charles Anderson
A down-on-his-luck young man enjoys life as a “skate punk.”

“Chinese Antique”. Filmmaker: Ryo Shiina
A bratty teenager learns life lessons when he is forced to work at a Chinese antique shop.

“Clemency”. Filmmaker: Joseph Albanese
A sadistic killer plays mind games with a female news reporter during an interview.

“Deep Sleep”. Filmmaker: Alejandro Alvarez
A man and his sister struggle emotionally after the suicide death of his wife.

“Eight Words”. Filmmaker: Christopher Hood
A woman has to tell her submariner husband the worst news of their lives in only eight words.

“Factory Girl”. Filmmaker: Jack Ofield
In 1906, a young woman leaves her poor family’s farm and goes to work in an urban factory.

“Friend of the Devil”. Filmmaker: Eric H. Heisner
A former Texas Ranger faces harsh consequences as he pursues the robbers who killed a payroll guard.

“For You”. Filmmaker: Rob Beunk
A Jewish woman in Nazi-controlled Poland must decide between running for her life or standing up for her principles.

“Juche Rules”. Filmmaker: Kristina Romero
Two western reporters in North Korea must outwit their tour guide and obtain news-worthy video footage.

“Knock Off”. Filmmaker: Roseanne Flynn
A father deals with his teenage daughter’s pregnancy.

“Melting the Snowman”. Filmmaker: Ora Yasher
A Los Angeles political columnist faces life challenges after being fired from her job.

“Non-Love-Song”. Filmmaker: Erik Gernand
Best friends heading off to college reach a turning point in their relationship.

“Notes on Lying”. Filmmaker: Tirzah Sharia
Magical realism explores the repercussions of cheating.

“The Opening of Jackie Q.”. Filmmaker: Herb Wolff
A devout woman has a disturbing secret.

“Passing Thru”. Filmmaker: Alex Scharfman
Three families converge in a gas station robbery.

“Taught to Hate”. Filmmaker James Garcia Sotomayor
A Hispanic immigrant tries to find a job in America.

“The Runner “. Filmmaker: Colin Remas Brown
A young woman attempts to outrun her past misfortune with disastrous results.

“The Seventh Floor”. Filmmaker: Andrew Seely
In 1940s San Francisco, a private eye resorts to deceit and blackmail to pay his gambling debts.

“The Shot”. Filmmaker: Andrew Hamer
A young soldier in the American revolution becomes friends with a foreigner with a reputation as a duelist.

“Spotless”. Filmmaker: Rosalinda G. Perron
A housekeeper is accused of stealing an expensive pearl necklace.

“Superhuman”. Filmmaker: Justin Beckett
A 7-year-old boy thinks his father is a superhero.

“Tags”. Filmmaker: Dominique DeLeon
A 17-year-old graffiti writer in New York City confronts the vandal squad.

“Unconditionally”. Filmmaker: Nelson Cragg
A struggling musician is forced to choose between his girlfriend’s love and his music.

“Waterfall”. Filmmaker: Braide Keyland
A father must deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with death.

“Wounded”. Filmmaker: Chad Aston
Two medieval knights and a foot soldier attempt to escape a forest surrounded by the enemy.

“Zu viele Musen”. Filmmaker: Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock
A writer gets ambushed by his muses.


“American Patriot”. Filmmaker: Jeremy Guy
To date women, a librarian pretends to have been a New York City firefighter on September 11, 2001.

“Cold Turkey”. Filmmaker: Gavin Keane
The sound man on a low-budget feature films deals with the neighbor’s kids.

“Takeout”. Filmmaker: Jonathan Miller
A man who hates his job opens a fortune cookie that changes his life.

“The Great Heist”. Filmmaker: Dennis Mason
An armored car robbery unravels when the conspirators argue over what is a proper Scottish accent.

“Me Time”. Filmmaker: Matt Schuman
A man’s life changes when he decides to get away from his social commitments and spend some quality time doing things he wants to do.

“One Missed Call”. Filmmaker: Gabriel Fries
A young musician finds a kindred spirit in the local music store.

“Scottish Bob”. Filmmaker Darren McFarlane
A devious man shows up and interrupts the funeral of a family member.

“This is Who We Are”. Filmmaker: Stephanie Willis
A socially awkward Department of Motor Vehicles worker clings to her oversexed mother.


“Artworks” Filmmaker: Natalie Hon
Children in Bay Area juvenile detention centers express themselves through art.

“Meltdown in Tibet”. Filmmaker: Michael Buckley
China’s immense dam-building projects might have ecological consequences for the Tibetan plateau.

“Walla Walla Wiffle”. Filmmaker: Robert Sickels
Forty-eight men travel from all over America to play wiffleball in eastern Washington.

“Planet You”. Filmmaker: Phil Lindsey
Amazing microscopic creatures live in their own special ecosystem on the human body.

Creative Media

“Father and Sister”. Filmmaker: Soyeon Kim
A series of coincidences at church leads to temptation for two people.

“On the Rise”. Filmmaker: John Tupper
A rancher discovers a solution for global warming by attaching surplus weather balloons to sheep.

“Re-creation”. Filmmaker: Trisha Gum
A girl confines herself to her room and discovers wonders.

“Suckathumb”. Filmmaker Xstine Cook
A young girl’s imagination is fueled by the horror stories told to her by her mother at bedtime.

“Transparent Movement”. Filmmaker: Soyeon Kim
Experimental animation using human silhouettes.

Social Commentary

“Lunch”. Filmmaker: Avis Richards
This documentary takes a close look at America’s school-food programs, highlighting the link between nutrition and learning.

Invited Films

“I Love You”. Filmmaker: Payman Benz
A comedy about how hard it is to say, “I love you.”

“The Butterfly Circus”. Filmmaker Joshua Weigel
A drama about a man with no limbs who lives a miserable existence, during the Great Depression, in a carnival sideshow until he joins up with a showman of a renowned circus and begins to hold out hope against everything he has ever believed about himself.

About the Poppy Jasper Film Festival

The Poppy Jasper Film Festival celebrates the short filmmaking craft and conveys its passion for filmmaking to the community, and has been acclaimed by MovieMaker Magazine as “one of the top 25” in the country for its focus on filmmaker experience. This expresses itself in the continual ways that festival organizers actively foster interaction, ideas, and ongoing contact between filmmakers at all levels of experience and invited screenwriters, directors, producers, and actors. These industry professionals include Academy and Emmy award winners and nominees, people whose extensive experience in the filmmaking industry brings audiences a close-up view of the passion motivating independent filmmaking.

The short films (30 minutes or less), which run from horror to comedy, documentary to sci-fi, musical to romance, all have one thing in common: they entertain their audiences. Additionally, this 501(c)3 nonprofit organization awards an annual scholarship to an up-and-coming student filmmaker.

Taking its name from the beautiful and rare poppy jasper gemstone found exclusively in Morgan Hill, California, the Poppy Jasper Film Festival mines the popular, fast-growing niche of short films.

The Seventh Annual Poppy Jasper Film Festival will be held November 12 -14, 2010 in Morgan Hill, California. For further information about the Poppy Jasper Film Festival, please visit


• +1 408-782-8087
Poppy Jasper Film Festival is a project of Poppy Jasper, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation