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4k HDR Film Scanning Comes To Cinelicious With Scanity

Hollywood, CA – (April 7, 2011) — 
In a bold move that solidifies its commitment to support motion picture film at the highest possible level,


has acquired the SCANITY, a revolutionary new high dynamic range, 2K/4K electronically pin-registered scanner from Digital Film Technology.

Cinelicious’ Scanity comes fully featured and can scan both 16mm and 35mm film at up to 4K resolution. While anchoring Cinelicious’ 4K DI pipeline, the Scanity also provides unique opportunities to commercial and remastering clients, offering increased quality and efficiency over aging film scanning technologies (Spirit 4K, ARRI and Northlight).

Cinelicious principal Paul Korver embarked on a yearlong search for the best film scanning technology in the world. He had proprietary resolution test films made up in Prague that resolve 250 lp/mm, dynamic range targets from NY that go from 0-4 density, and shot registration charts at Panavision in Hollywood. He put these targets on a single reel of 35mm film meant to push the scanners to the extreme in 3 categories: resolution, dynamic range and registration/steadiness.

The tests took him to Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany to meet with manufacturers. Where possible he would have the scans done by a post facility. He used the test films to put all the market leading scanners through their paces. The Scanity was the clear winner.

“Our clients, DPs, directors, VFX companies and agencies have their film scanned at a post company and not by the manufacturer,â€? explains Korver. “We wanted to give them the highest quality level available anywhere, matching – and even exceeding – the technology used by the major studios. We found this in the Scanity.â€?

Scanity Provides:

Full Dynamic Range Scanning: There is 3.1-3.3 density range on motion picture negative. Current technologies (ARRI, Northlight, Spirit 4K) capture only 2.2-2.3 density range. The Scanity’s new TDI Sensor and spectrally optimized LED light source far surpass current technologies with the ability to capture the full 3.3 density range on film. “What that means is that for the first time ever you can capture all the information on your negative. No more sitting in the DI Theater wondering if there’s more information in those highlights� says Korver.

VFX Qualified
: VFX houses have the most demanding requirements for their film scans and often specify the shots must be “pin-registered�. This means they must be done from slow ARRI or Northlight scanners (not Spirit Scanners). The Scanity’s electronic pin-registration achieves the same steadiness as an ARRI (6μ = one 4K pixel) but can do so at much faster speeds.

Restoration Optimized: 
The Scanity is the first mastering-quality, sproketless scanner utilizing optical, touch-free pin registration. Since there are no sprocket teeth pulling the film along, or registration pins that can tear perfs, it is much safer for archival films. Add to this a precision roller-gate that flattens warped films, on-the-fly shrinkage correction, and IR dirt mapping and the Scanity begins to shine as the premiere film scanner to restore precious film libraries.

Radiant Reds
: The red layer of film has been difficult to scan without introducing digital noise and varies widely in its spectral response across different film stocks. Most scanning technologies have to pick a red spectrum somewhere in the middle, which is a compromise. The Scanity’s new LED light source is spectrally optimized per stock, resulting in some of the most stunning color rendition ever seen.

IR Dirt Mapping / Dust & Scratch Removal
: An infrared camera system is set up to specifically identify any dust and scratches on the film and remove them from the picture, or embed them in the DPX file for later restoration.

Audio Scanning: An audio scanner mounted into the Scanity film path reads analog optical audio tracks off 16 and 35 mm film and magnetic audio tracks off 16 mm film. This feature eliminates the need for separate image and audio scanning passes and synchronization.

“People often think that development is only happening in the field of digital acquisition and that no one is innovating in film,� concludes Korver. “But when it comes to the R&D team at Digital Film Technology and Cinelicious that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are proud to be investing in the future of film and our colorists look forward to partnering with filmmakers to create stunning images with this huge leap in technology.�

The Scanity is available immediately at Cinelicious for the following stocks and resolutions: 2K: 16mm, S16mm, 35mm (all perfs), Vistavision
4K: 16mm, S16mm, 35mm (all perfs), Vistavision.

About Cinelicious:

Cinelicious is a creative studio that offers forward-thinking, talent-driven post in an inspired environment that caters to a new generation of filmmakers, ad agencies, studios and clients. From rising stars to well-known artists, the Cinelicious team is made up of the most respected talent in their field. The Cinelicious studio is a 60’s industrial style, 5,000 sq feet filmmaker’s playground that is situated just 3 blocks from the new W Hollywood Hotel, a short walk to charming Larchmont Village and the red hot Cahuenga Corridor

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