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3DTI Student Puts Training into Practice

3DTi graduate Breyon Bradford uses skills he learned online to build a 3D business whose clientele includes Intel, Audi and Volkswagen.

NEW YORK— Jackson, Mississippi is not often mentioned among the country’s top media production centers, but if Oroma Media has anything to say about it that may soon change. The Jackson-based company, founded a scant two years ago by 3D Training Institute (3DTi) graduate Breyon Bradford, provides video production, graphics design, post production, website design and branding services, and has quickly amassed an impressive local, regional and even national clientele by turning out work whose quality rivals that of top tier shops in New York and Los Angeles.
Along with an unlikely location, the company has surprisingly humble origins. Four years ago, Bradford was making a modest income using Adobe After Effects to produce motion graphics for small projects for his church. Wanting to advance his career, he decided to extend his skills by learning 3D. “I found 3DTi ( on the web and signed up for an introductory course,� Bradford recalls, “and instantly knew that it was something I wanted to do.�

Bradford enrolled in a series of courses in 3ds Max and quickly began to develop his skills in modeling, lighting and animation. “I studied very hard and had a great instructor; I came to him with a lot of questions,� he says. “We still talk periodically, which is great.�
Bradford landed his first professional 3D assignment, a project for another church organization, while he was still in school. Although nervous, he was able to complete it successfully, in part through help he received from his instructors at 3DTi. Many more projects followed not only from church organizations, but increasingly from the secular market and soon Bradford found it necessary to form a company and begin hiring staff.
Often during those early months, Bradford turned to 3DTi for advice and critiques of his work. “I felt like I had a team backing me up,� he observes. “To have that kind of support when you’re just starting out was priceless. It gave me a lot of confidence.�
Bradford’s confidence showed in his work. A commercial he produced for a local Audi dealer drew rave reviews from the national dealers association. It also helped him attract work from markets far removed from his base in Mississippi. He assisted 3DMIRAGE, the production arm of 3DTi on a commercial for Marquis Jet that aired during the Super Bowl pre-game 2009 and also during the recent Winter Olympics 2010. More recently, he teamed up with a Michigan company to produce a commercial for Intel promoting its new Atom™ processor.

“The storyboard that we received from the advertising agency mixed 3D with motion graphics. It required us to think outside the box and develop a workflow that allowed us to use After Effects as a plug-in to 3D Studio Max,� he says. “The project was very successful. They said it exceeded their expectations. It had a ‘wow’ factor.�
Bradford said that the education he received through 3DTi has been critical to his company’s success. He not only learned how to use sophisticated 3D software, he got the career guidance and post graduate support he needed to put his knowledge to practical, commercial use.

“I’m not a guy who got his start working in a huge studio in L.A.,� Bradford concludes. “I came to 3DTi with an eagerness to learn. I worked hard and continued to grow and the next thing I knew, I had a company.�
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