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Since 2008 our stereographers have taught more people to prep, light, shoot and edit stereoscopic 3D than any other organization. Why we been so successful? Because we not only teach 3D – we shoot it !

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3D Certification & Workshop Dates Announced for 2012
Jan 7 & 8 (sold out)
January 14 & 15
January 21 & 22
Febuary 4 & 5
Febuary 18 & 19
March 3 & 4
March 17 & 18
April 7 & 8
April 21 & 22
May 12 & 13
May 26 & 27
June 9 & 10

2-day Workshops Topics Include:

– Determining the 3D needs of the participants & their upcoming 3D projects
– A tour-de-force “the principles of stereoscopic 3D filmmaking”
– Translating your 2D ideas into working 3D images
– Selecting the correct 3D Rig that integrates with your cameras – or visa-versa
– Solving gen-lock issues and how it works
– When to use a beam-splitter vs. side-by-side vs. 3D camcorders (dual fixed lens)
– You too can calibrate & prep a 3D rig (with a little practice)
– “Hands-On” — majority of the class is spent shooting with 3D Rigs – beam-splitter & side-by-side
– New 3D camcorders (dual fixed lens) – uses, limitations & what “they” don’t tell you
– Top 3D shooting secrets & ratios exposed !
– Depth vs. pop vs. parallax
– Achieving nirvana – perfect picture alignment
– Balancing convergence, parallax & io to achieve comfortable 3D images
– How to tell professional 3D vs. amateur 3D (hint: amateur 3D = headaches)
– Shooting beautiful, balanced 3D images that serve the story
– Re-lighting for 3D
– How to use and calibrate a real-time 3D monitor
– The 3D post-production workflow & you
– 3D editing = FCP vs Cineform vs Avid
– How to “Fix it in 3D Post” for Dummies
– 3D exhibition formats & how they affect your production (hint: start here & work backwards)
– AND– all the other nitty-gritty details you need to know to create superior looking, professional 3D — because at the end of the day (workshop) we understand that these training sessions are all about you and your upcoming 3D project. So really — our goal is to teach you everything we know about 3D, while addressing your individual needs and issues — and in the end, make you look good. Or at least – your 3D look good.