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3D Animator Andrew Lefton Joins Splice Team

The award-winning team at Splice Here® has welcomed the extraordinary talents of 3D Animator Andrew Lefton to the company. Bringing extensive experience at companies including Reelworks Animation, Fluke Studios, and Eight Point Productions to his role at Splice, Lefton describes himself as a 3D Animator, Digital Illustrator, and a Visual Effects and Environment Artist.

To view a reel of Lefton’s work, go here:

“Andy brings with him a passion for 3D motion design and a collaborative approach that will expand our creative offerings here at Splice,” comments Creative Director Shannon Pettini. “The addition of his talents increase the strength, range and diversity of our team; and will inspire new ways of considering our work.”

Most recently a Lead 3D/Post-Production Artist at the Design Center in St. Paul, Lefton created 3D animation for a diversity of clients’ projects, collaborating with fellow producers and writers to execute 3D/2D-based projects, bringing to life concept-based ideas from paper into the digital realm. Prior to that, Lefton was Lead Animator/Creative Partner/Owner of his own Eight Point Productions in Minneapolis. There, he created, scripted and produced 3D content, VFX, and motion graphics for ad agencies and end clients. Lefton began his career at Fluke Studios/Hybrid Medical Animation, where he worked on commercial digital art for the medical industry. Lefton’s work has been covered in such well-respected publications as “Cinema 4D: The Artist Project Sourcebook” and “Maxon’s Cinema 4D Annual Calendar” for his illustrated print “Appendage.” He has also served as a featured tutorial writer and artist for “3D Attack Magazine.” Outside of his work at Splice, Lefton creates digital illustrations for album covers and music videos, including the new release “Knights of the Black Sun” for U.K.-based legends, Amebix.

“I was drawn to joining Splice because I think the work here is very diverse, and just amazing,” says Lefton. “Within my first three hours on the job, I was given a great project for ‘The History Channel’ that required 3D Modeling and the integration of CG and live-action elements – just my cup of tea. We have a team here at Splice of like-minded creatives and a production environment, which really emphasizes strong creative work. I’m thrilled to be here.”

About Splice Here®:

Splice Here® is a full-service post-production and design company. Located in the Historic Warehouse District of Minneapolis, Splice has expanded its reach nationally, collaborating closely with commercial, broadcast and feature clients and has extensive experience with digital signage and other environmental video installations. Dedicated to stellar client service and uncompromised production value, the prolific Splice team provides concepting, design, edit, color, visual effects, sound, original music and delivery for high-profile projects. Splice has recently created for Best Buy, Target, Union Bank, Edwards Ice Cream, University of Minnesota, and St. Jude Medical, as well as agencies Olson and Colle+McVoy. Splice has worked on promotion and programs for The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network and Nickelodeon. Award-winning feature projects include Stuck Between Stations, Ana’s Playground, Wedding Bros., Pride of Lions, 3D Sun and Good Morning, Beautiful.