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FX Taps IKA Collective To Create Groundbreaking Launch Campaign For New Installment Of American Horror Story

Pioneering Interactive Episodic Experience Engages Viewers With Original Content And Redefines Network Promotion

NEW YORK, NY – Your phone buzzes. The message is as simple as it is terrifying: “It’s time we free them. Will you help?” Such is one tantalizing clue in the groundbreaking 6-week interactive, multi-platform campaign for the new installment of FX’s anthology series “American Horror Story: Cult.”

Directed by Ian Karr of IKA Collective, working in collaboration with creative agency Spark & Sizzle, and interactive video technology pioneer WIREWAX, the campaign moves way beyond traditional promos, representing a new level of viewer engagement and awareness. 

The interactive episodic experience features over 50 pieces of content released over six weeks, creepy clues coming in the form of Facebook Messenger “Bot” chats, the show’s own social media platforms and website, and even real-life activations. All of which unlock a trove of hidden video content that offer further details into the plot and characters in installment 7 of Ryan Murphy’s horror creation. FX Creative, FX Production and DP Paul Tolton partnered with the team to create the chilling visuals. 

Karr says, “FX has always been on the cutting edge of creative promotion. I’m thrilled that they recognized the potential of Wirewax’s technology coupled with IKA’s expertise and a strong creative shop like Spark+Sizzle. ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ was the perfect candidate for a groundbreaking interactive episodic experience. Everyone associated with the project is at the very top of their game and when you work with an entire team of all stars, you can do amazing things.”

About IKA Collective:

IKA Collective is more than a production company. We’re a creative collective of writers, producers, editors, directors, composers, digital artists, fashionistas, foodies and horror film fanatics who love to tell stories. Whether it’s a commercial, a network promo, a digital media project, or our own original content, IKA Collective is all about communicating in a way that entertains and gets results. Our facility includes, five edit rooms, an insert stage, digital color grading, graphics, compositing and audio mixing suites, allowing us to deliver great work at any scale. For more information go to


WIREWAX is the world’s first interactive video platform, empowering users to add clickable hotspots, or ‘tags’, to any moving person or object in video. Proven to increase engagement up to nine times higher than a static link at the Bottom of the video frame, these tags encourage viewers to explore extra content, opportunities to buy or help create immersive experiences. 

About Spark+Sizzle:

Led by Creative Directors Cyndy Cecil-Bragg and Crystal Hall, Spark+Sizzle is a creative team focusing on entertainment, media and digital projects. Their portfolio includes promotion, marketing and short-form content for everything from digital products, cable network launches and consumer product branding. They are a dynamic duo who have created work for Audible, Drybar, Showtime, Discovery, TLC, E! Entertainment

Creative Credits:

Client: FX

Project: American Horror Story: Cult promo campaign

President, Marketing and On-Air Promo: Stephanie Gibbons 

Agency: Spark+Sizzle, New York

Creative Director, Project Lead: Cyndy Cecil-Bragg

Creative Director: Crystal Hall

Production: IKA Collective, New York

Director: Ian Karr

DP: Paul Tolton

Editor: Ronni Thomas 

Visual Effect Director: Vince Rose

Interactive: WIREWAX, New York

Project Directors: Dan Garraway & Steve Callanan

EVP Product: Tim Strobl

Developers:Jennifer Mah, Arjun Sathe, Sam Bass, Pradeep Chandrasekaran, Tim McClure

Creative Lead:Jennifer Mah with assistants Steve Poxson, Charlie Potter

Project Managers: Darian Chorndolosky, Samir Ghosh

Analytics:Bea DiCarlo, Richard Nias

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