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City Panorama takes wing above Kazan

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TheCityPanoramaexhibitionandentertainmentcomplexinKazanopenedtothepublicinearly 2017. Breakingnewgroundinthedeploymentofhigh-resolutionvideoinmuseumsandvisitorattractionsAVexpertPolymedia together with their partner United 3D Labs designedanintegratedaudiovisualsystemwith the helpofAVStumpflCIS,usingan 800 wideby 300 cmhighAVStumpfl®Curveprojectionscreen.

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Located in the exhibition hall, the panoramic exhibit uses a virtual fly-over whereby guests and citizens can see modern architecture of the city and familiarise themselves with modern Kazan. Video content comprises over 250 panoramic images taken with an ‘Octocopter’ using a high-resolution camera at different viewpoints and angles.

The system works using a touch-screen and controller placed in front of the AV Stumpfl Curve screen. This enables visitors to look over the city, zoom into points of interest and even navigate their way through each place of cultural significance in great detail.

The giant panoramic projection screen gives a feeling of complete immersiveness and provides the Panorama visitors with an unforgettable experience. That is why this installation is so popular not only among children but also among adults,” said Elena Novikova, CEO at Polymedia.

Only the quality of AV Stumpfl’s screen could give visitors that unique opportunity of diving into and flying under the sky!” added Novikova.

Commenting on the latest application of Curve screen technology, Hans Stucken, Global Marketing Manager said: “It’s always terrific to see our screens being used in new and creative ways, and panoramic displays don’t get more exciting than this! It’s a simple concept, brilliantly executed by the excellent companies involved and is the perfect showcase for the solid frame construction and flexible projection surface as well as accuracy and reliability that our technology offers.

The exhibition is open 7 days a week. It is claimed that since opening at the beginning of the year, 270 people visit the complex per day on average and 100,000 are expected throughout 2017 in total.




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