Atos and Forscene create new opportunity for media work experience in South Africa

Forbidden Technologies has been commissioned by Atos Origin South Africa (Pty) Ltd. to provide a media work experience project aimed at addressing the demand for video editing staff in South Africa. 
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LONDON December 7, 2016 – Forbidden Technologies has been commissioned by Atos Origin South Africa (Pty) Ltd. to provide a media work experience project aimed at addressing the demand for video editing staff from the South African public broadcast sector.  The project is an extension of an existing contract where the cloud video platform, Forscene, is being used to train students in the art of video editing.

Atos first contracted Forbidden for a paid pilot in March 2016 – where 150 South African students used the Atos implementation of the Forscene platform to be trained in video editing.  Based on the success of this pilot, Atos - a local authority in South Africa – will now expand this training initiative to include 500 students by the end of July 2017.  In addition, at the end of the training programme, Atos will select 50 students who will be awarded six-week, paid work experience contracts with Forbidden Technologies.

The work experience with Forbidden will capitalise on Forscene’s strength as a cloud video platform that enables remote workflows – the software allows video teams to access centralised material from a web browser or app on any device and to collaborate from anywhere in the world using a full range of post-production tools.  While Forbidden’s tutor will spend the first and last week of the project in Johannesburg, the bulk of the contract period will see the student workers completing a series of tasks remotely, using their existing Forscene logins and hardware provided by Atos.  At the end of the contract Forbidden will invite one student to attend an in-depth post-production course in the UK and will also endeavour to secure permanent employment for that student in the South African video industry.  

“Cloud technologies like Forscene have had an enormous impact on the way that video content is produced, making previously impossible workflows a reality, and it’s only natural that this should extend to industry training,” said Aziz Musa, CEO of Forbidden.  “The cloud has the capability of completely transforming our approach to industry education - giving students anywhere in the world access to the same resources and opportunities.  We’re proud to be working with Atos to give South African students this opportunity.”  

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Forbidden delivers high-performance cloud video services for media makers and broadcasters. Its flagship product, Forscene, is the world’s most advanced cloud video platform, powering entirely new workflows from creation to delivery. Quoted on the London Stock Exchange, Forbidden partners with high-profile media and technology companies to complement its cloud infrastructure and provide greater value and efficiency to its clients.

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